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Israel Innovation Authority – International Pilot Program

Dates and more details to follow.

The Israeli company can receive from the IIA a grant of up to 50% (+regional incentives, if applicable) of the approved piloting costs (activities which are intended to carry out the pilot successfully and are eligible under the Israeli R&D law), in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The foreign partner is obligated and committed to providing in-kind support to match the IIA’s support which must be clearly significant for:

▪ Shortening its time-to-market and advancing market-readiness,

▪ Different commercialization aspects for a successful market introduction of the product.

Such in-kind support, where the foreign entity makes accessible for the Israeli company its exceptional, advantageous and proprietary elements, can include:

▪ Usage of unique facilities for beta-sites operations;

▪ Access to real-field-conditions for the tested innovation such as large-scale-production lines;

▪ Usage of internal services, expertise, knowledge, or equipment;

▪ Access to unique data, data-sets, engines, devices, skills;

▪ Possibility to recruit patients, experimenters, tools, etc. from the foreign entity;

▪ Experts’ and consultants’ time to guide, co-develop and, identify the parameters of the product/technology for testing or potential use cases;

▪ Regulatory and legal guidance to ensure full compliance;

▪ Assistance in co-commercializing the product; for example through joint work with relevant local business partners (companies, investors, distributors etc) that are part of the foreign entity’s network;

▪ Assistance in scaling-up production, etc.

It is important to emphasize that confirmed projects should have a clear commitment, synergy and mutuality between the partners, even if not investing the same amount of money or having an exact balance in activities in the project. It should be clear that each side contributes a unique piece for the success of the project, and puts forward its advantage and expertise (for example: the Israeli company offers a fintech software, and the foreign entity provides real and substantial bank’s data).

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