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Quantum National Plans: Australia & Israel

Event description

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems team invites you to attend an exclusive virtual Fireside Chat with Dr. Tal David and Professor Michael J. Biercuk on the future of quantum technology on Wednesday 15th June, at 4:00pm AEDT.

Dr. David is Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Art, and formerly he was the Head of the Israel National Quantum Initiative; Michael Biercuk is CEO & Founder of Australian quantum technology startup Q-CTRL and Professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology at the University of Sydney. 

The discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Simon Devitt, Research Director at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information at the University of Technology Sydney, and co-founder and managing director of the quantum technology consultancy firm, h-bar. 

This one-hour virtual discussion will provide an opportunity to hear directly from leading quantum experts to gain a better understanding of the vision, strategy and plans referring to the quantum landscape in Australia and Israel with the ability to ask questions during the live discussions.

Throughout this engaging format, we will explore:

  • How is quantum technology likely to impact the economy?
  • How does the industry effectively collaborate?
  • How will Quantum technology impact our future?
  • How do we build a national strategy?

Don’t miss these exciting conversations and more with the greatest minds in this field and gain insights on quantum from an industry perspective in both jurisdictions.

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About the Speakers

Dr. Tal David is the Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Art. Formerly, he was the Head of the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI), a joint venture of the leading R&D Israel government agencies, promoting the quantum ecosystem in a variety of tools and components. Previously, he was a researcher in a lasers start-up and Quantum Technology Group Head at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) forming a quantum magnetic sensing group.

Professor Michael J Biercuk is a global science and technology innovator, one of the world’s leading experts in the new emerging field of quantum technology. Michael is the CEO and Founder of Q-CTRL, a venture-capital-backed company that provides control engineering solutions to harness the power of quantum physics for next-generation technologies. An award-winning experimental quantum physicist, Michael serves as professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology at the University of Sydney.He leads teams in both the technology industry and academia, with a focus on commercialising quantum technologies including quantum computing and quantum sensing. Michael founded Q-CTRL based on the research he led at the university’s Quantum Control Lab.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Simon Devitt is the Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information (QSI) at the University of Technology, Sydney and co-founder and managing director of the quantum technology consultancy firm, h-bar. Dr. Devitt has invented key quantum computing architectures in atom-optics, diamond and ion trap systems, he has also been the inventor of three separate quantum communications designs, 2nd and 3rd generation repeaters and the quantum sneakernet. Dr. Devitt’s work has focused on the design of programming, compilation and optimisation of large-scale quantum technology. Along with over 100 academic publications, he has worked with numerous corporations and VC firms on their expansion into the quantum technology space and advised multiple government agencies on multimillion dollar R&D initiatives. In 2020, he was awarded the inaugural Warren Prize from the Royal Society of NSW for his service to global quantum technology development and was elected fellow in 2021.

About the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems team

Our role within Investment NSW is to enrich the size and strength of the existing NSW Innovation Ecosystem which will deliver significant economic opportunity across NSW. We will do this by fostering startup creation and industry growth, addressing barriers and market gaps, and providing education programs and access to networks, funding, and mentors.

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