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Scorli | Portable Digital Scoreboard

Scorli LTD. is a global company based in Israel focusing on designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products for sport and recreation.

Scorli’s flagship product is a portable, wireless scoreboard that can display score results during games by using a smartphone with the Scorli app.

The Scorli app can handle a variety of games including team sports, racket games, beach volleyball, soccer, and more.

The Scorli Scoreboard is designed to meet tough weather conditions. Scorli can offer its standard portable and lightweight scoreboard (64X48 cm) or a Scoreboard with larger sizes upon request.

The standard portable Scoreboard can be placed on a tripod in any corner of a court or simply attached with a wall hanging.

A Smartphone uses the Scorli app to transmit scores to the Scorli Scoreboard in real-time via Bluetooth (up to 70-metre distance).

Sponsors’ logos can easily be displayed using a dedicated Wi-Fi card.

Where are Scorli Scoreboards being used:

Sports centres, Schools, Universities, Sports clubs, and Football teams.

Contact Jeremy to learn more.




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