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INNOTECH 2023 | The International Cyber & Innovation Event

A large two-day exhibition with national pavilions and hundreds of companies, accompanied by an outstanding conference with thought-provoking panel discussions. The cyber field at the center of this event is relevant today to every aspect of our lives, from the private and organizational use of computers and communications to the protection of critical infrastructure connected to the net. Due to the accelerated development of IoT – connecting every smart device to the internet, and the expanding use of cloud technology, users have been exposed to growing cyber threats by criminals, terrorists, and even state actors. Cyber innovation and applications have become an integral part of the operations of law enforcement agencies, security organizations, and the military, in addition to civilian and municipal organizations. Innovation in cyber, with an emphasis on expanding the ecosystem with government and municipal support. INNOTECH Conference and Exhibition will showcase the various facets of cyber, including the protection of critical and industrial infrastructure (OT & SCADA), information and cloud systems cybersecurity, identification and reaction to cyber incidents, cyber intelligence tools, offensive cyber, and more. The event provides an inspiring business arena and an opportunity for B2B meetings, inspiring professional content by the best experts, intriguing panel discussions on various cyber and innovation topics, and ground-breaking.

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