Shahak Co. Diamond tools

SHAHAK DIAMOND INSTRUMENTS manufactures a wide range of high quality, sintered diamond instruments buy cheap kamagra made from special metal bonds impregnated with high quality diamond, devised for dental laboratories. These implements are designed for grinding, cutting and polishing precious, semi-precious and non-precious metals and Titanium. In addition, Shahak manufactures instruments for use on Porcelain,Continue reading “Shahak Co. Diamond tools”

Baccara Automation Control

Baccara is a market leader in the manufacture and specialization of products for automation such as: air valves, air cylinders, solenoid valves and nylon tubing for use in industry, agriculture and irrigation. Today, you can find Baccara products in all sectors of industrial and agricultural automation, designed to be dependable in the most adverse environmentsContinue reading “Baccara Automation Control”