Baby-T, wearable Mp3 wristband

Baby-T is a creative new patented product that is seeking a major distribution partner in Australia. Baby-T is a bracelet with a memory card and a recording chip inside. The USB that comes with the bracelet enables you to download music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, songs, children’s educational programs and audio files. The files can beContinue reading “Baby-T, wearable Mp3 wristband”


Orit Pnini is a cutting edge young photographer & fashion designer and the founder of a unique Israeli clothing design brand called Rockveroll. Rockveroll is interested in undertaking a project in Australia or establishing a merchandise distribution relationship. To see more about Rockveroll click here.  

Offis Textil

Offis Textile Ltd. supplies comprehensive, high quality textile manufacturing solutions in a one-stop-shop format. Specializing in private labels, Offis clearly stands out from its local and global competitors, offering its varied clientele a wide range of significant advantages.   Since its establishment in 1970, and throughout its decades of manufacturing experience, Offis has consistently aspired toContinue reading “Offis Textil”


BK Manufacturers is a company that is located in Shoham, Israel and has an office in Shanghai China and its main focus is to help companies execute their products from concept to mass production. BK gives full support of Prototypes, Molds, Production, Sourcing and QA services The BK team is managed by Ido Klein (BscContinue reading “ProShader”

Sister M

The brand Sister M was established in 2008 by the sister Meital Ron Mitrani and Rahya Mitrani. They grew up in a household that lived and breathed art, design  and various forms of crafts. Their mother has also studied Fashion design and she became a role model for them throughout the years. From early age they would sit by their mom’s sewing machine and createContinue reading “Sister M”