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Estar Medical

Estar Medical is seeking a local medical distributor that specialises in orthopedic and aesthetic devices.

Estar Medical has developed its own state of the art proprietary technologies and systems for the field of Regenerative Medicine, with particular focus on platelet concentrate separation systems.

Estar Medical produces, manufactures and distributes the Tropocells® PRP System and the Cellenis® PRP System in more than 50 countries worldwide. Estar Medical prides itself for being totally committed to the innovation and quality of its unique technology as well as for creating the next generation of its proprietary Tropocells® medical platform.

Estar Medical will be exhibiting at Medica 2017 in Dusseldorf from the 13th-17th of November.

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Hi-Tec Implants is seeking an Australian distributor for their extensive range of dental implants and prosthetic elements. View the product range here.

Hi-Tec Implants have an established presence in the global dental implants market and has been operating for 26 years around the globe.

Hi-Tec Implants have developed high quality implant systems that are compatible and interchangeable with major systems at a very competitive price.

The company’s goal is to continue to provide the most technologically advanced products to help dentists develop their practices and to provide their patients with the most up-to-date treatment.

Hi-Tec Implants received FDA approval in 1994 and European Community certifications in 1997.

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B-Cure Laser

B-Cure Laser is seeking to partner with local B2C companies that have significant sales of medical devices and products for treating diabetic wounds.

B-Cure Laser has developed a hand-held device for professional and home care that uses laser therapy to treat diabetic foot ulcers.

The device is a light, easy to carry, portable and rechargeable Low Level Laser that emits no heat, sound or vibration. Its effectiveness in treating diabetic foot ulcers has been clinically proven.

B-Cure Laser was founded in 2009 and the company has produced more than 70 000 laser units for treating orthopedic problems, wound management and pain. The B-Cure Laser Sport Pro was chosen as the official medical device for treating athletes on the Israeli Olympic team for Rio 2016.

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Nicast is seeking medical device distributors for its unique AVflo™ vascular access grafts. The potential distributor must cover vascular access for hemodialysis (not for chemotherapy).

AVflo™ is a CE-marked, nanofiber graft for vascular access in hemodialysis providing initiation of dialysis within 24 hours, immediate self-sealing and minimal infection risk. It is available in the EU market, several Asian countries and Israel.

Nicast is an innovative nanotechnology company with over a dozen international patents for its development of implantable medical devices made of electrospun polymer nanofabrics. The nanofabric structure mimics the body’s extracellular matrix and is an excellent medium for tissue integration. Nicast is a pioneer in the development of medical devices made of electrospun polymer nanofabrics.

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IOptima is seeking distributors for eye care products in Australia. The distributor needs to be capable of shipping and storing the product in cool conditions.

IOptima is the licensee of LIPITEARTM, an innovative eye drop with the CE mark.

LIPITEARTM is a preservative-free micro-emulsion that rebuilds the protective layer of the eye. It is suitable for people who have corneal erosion, dry eye syndrome or for those who have just undergone eye surgery.



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Clever Hygiene Solutions

Clever Hygiene Solutions is seeking distributors for its innovative dispenser unit. The unit is mounted on doors and sanitises door handles, thus actively working to reduce hospital-acquired infections in healthcare and care home environments.

Door handles and in particular washroom or restroom door handles are a well-documented source of contamination and pose a considerable health risk if left untreated.

The product is currently distributed in the US and Europe. It is simple and cost-effective, and does not need batteries or a power supply for operation. An additional advantage is that the sanitiser can be passively spread throughout the area in which it is installed, improving hygiene standards within the workplace.

A short video on how the unit works can be found here.

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Flight Medical

Flight Medical is seeking medical distributors for its high-end, versatile ventilators.

Flight Medical operates in 40 countries and has won a reputation for being a truly reliable partner in ventilation. Over 20 000 ventilators have been deployed worldwide in critical care (ICU, ER), home care, long term care (nursing homes) and emergency transport (ambulances, helicopters etc) settings. Flight Medical’s products are know for their accuracy, versatility and affordability.

The new generation Flight60 (F60) ventilator is a portable, light-weight ventilator with multiple functions and is suitable for most patients.

More information on the Flight60’s features and specifications can be found here.


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Motorika is looking for a distributor in the fields of physiotherapy and/or robotics.

Motorika is a manufacturer of robotic rehabilitation systems designed for after-stroke, orthopedic and pediatric patients. Motorika’s products are considered large capital equipment so the distributor would need to have experience in selling similar systems.

Motorika delivers personalised robo-therapy treatment through its cutting-edge ReoGo™ and ReoAmbulator™ robotic rehabilitation systems.

ReoGo™ is an innovative robotic device specifically designed to aid the rehabilitation of upper extremities of patients suffering from stroke or other neurological injuries. It enhances patient motivation using highly effective exercises and engaging games adapted to a patient’s functional ability, and also enables customised session planning. It is suitable for both sub-acute and chronic patients.

ReoAmbulator™ is an innovative high level gait training platform combined with advanced robotics, integrated body weight-support treadmill (BWST), Active Neuromuscular Facilitation Capabilities, Virtual Reality/ Multi-Tasking features and Gait Analysis/Coordination training using auditory and visual feedback. ReoAmbulator™ is suitable for a wide spectrum of
patients suffering from neurological disorders or orthopedic injuries that affect gait and balance functions.

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DiACardio is seeking ultrasound manufacturers and PACs developers in the Australian medical sector.

DiACardio has developed an automated software platform called LVivo that processes echocardiograms (sometimes called ultrasounds of the heart) in a more accurate and efficient way.

LVivo’s automated evaluation is performed quicker than current manual and semi-automatic evaluation processes, and requires only a “press of the button” from the physician. The ease of the process enables the evaluation to be repeated, further assuring the reliability of the evaluation as a basis for sound, timely treatment decisions.

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LevMed is seeking distributors in the field of electrocardiography (ECG). LevMed’s ECG belts are used in hospitals, emergency units and sports centres. 

LevMed develops and manufactures 12 lead ECG belts for remote cardiac screening and clinical use. LevMed ECG belts place the electrodes without adhesive for easy use and remote use for telemedicine purposes.

The companies already exports to Europe and the US.