Israeli Cyber Tech Keeps Your Pacemaker Safe

One of the broad macro-trends in the tech industry is the “Internet of Things,” a world in which everything we own could theoretically be connected to the internet. One area that has seen an explosion of connectivity is the medical device sector, frequently referred to as Medical IoT, or MIoT. 10 billion connected devices areContinue reading “Israeli Cyber Tech Keeps Your Pacemaker Safe”

Israeli Innovation: Giving Independence to the Elderly

In the last half-century, excluding Covid-19, global life expectancy has increased by 26% and an estimated 70% of all seniors will require some form of long-term care and assistance. With this continuous increase in our elderly population, the world has been challenged with discovering new ways to treat an aging population while allowing them toContinue reading “Israeli Innovation: Giving Independence to the Elderly”

Israel at Arab Health 2023 Arab Health brings together key stakeholders to collaborate and make healthcare a more sustainable, positive impact industry. Discover the way forward through sustainable and innovative solutions that will disrupt existing models, revolutionising healthcare for future generations. Experience the future of healthcare from 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. ForContinue reading “Israel at Arab Health 2023”

Biogal Galed Laboratories | Veterinary Diagnostic Tools

Website: Brief: Biogal Galed Laboratories develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic tools for companion animals, poultry, cattle, and other farm animals. The company’s VacciCheck is a point-of-care antibody titer test designated to validate vaccination success and prevent over-vaccination in cats and dogs. VacciCheck is based on the ImmunoComb ELISA technology developed and patented jointly withContinue reading “Biogal Galed Laboratories | Veterinary Diagnostic Tools”

Investing in the Future of Medicine

At an estimated $6.2 billion, Israel’s healthcare technology industry is a global leader in innovations across various medical fields. With over 1,400 digital health start-ups to date, Israel ranks 5th in the world according to the World Index for Healthcare Innovation.  Investors have taken notice of such success. According to a recent survey conducted byContinue reading “Investing in the Future of Medicine”

Modeany | Frequency Patch Technology

Modeany develop patches that use biophysical technology to remedy specific bodily ailments. Each product contains a formula of frequencies that correspond to those that exist naturally in the human body. Modeany has developed a range of patches. Their categories include Stress and Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Sleep, Strength, Detox and Fibromyalgia. Modeany are seeking distributors and potentialContinue reading “Modeany | Frequency Patch Technology”

Bioconvergence: An Israeli-Led Medical Revolution

A medical research revolution is taking place in Israel, leading to the development of previously unimaginable scientific breakthroughs. Many of these innovations are centered around bioconvergence, a recent trend in medical research that combines biology, engineering, AI, machine learning, 3D printing, and nanotechnology, alongside other related fields. Although the interdisciplinary study of medicine is nothingContinue reading “Bioconvergence: An Israeli-Led Medical Revolution”

MedaSense Biometrics – Noninvasive Pain-monitoring Solutions

Website Medasense offers a technology that enables clinicians to optimize and personalize pain control and avoid overmedication. Medasense’s flagship product, the PMD-200 with its NOL index, is a platform that objectively monitors and quantifies the patient’s pain response by means of artificial intelligence and a proprietary noninvasive sensor platform. The PMD-200 is used to optimizeContinue reading “MedaSense Biometrics – Noninvasive Pain-monitoring Solutions”

Made in Israel: First AI-designed Antibody Could Lead to Eradication of Tumors

A computer may design the perfect antibody to fight cancer in a breakthrough for medicine. Prof. Yanay Ofran explains why testing it on mice can be misleading, and what limits creativity in biotech companies: ‘They’re searching for a new biology and trying to treat it using old technology. We do the opposite’ In recent weeksContinue reading “Made in Israel: First AI-designed Antibody Could Lead to Eradication of Tumors”

AranBiotech | Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology

AranBiotech specialises in manufacturing and providing solutions in Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology products. With an emphasis on quality and R&D capabilities, AranBiotech has developed a wide product portfolio, including in 2D and 3D Single Use Bags and Disposable Bioreactors. Their products are designed to maximise regulatory compliance and process efficiency. ForContinue reading “AranBiotech | Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology”