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Israeli Delegation – Northern Australia – Food Futures Conference

Our office is inviting you, as an Israeli company with operations in Australia, to join us in an official delegation capacity during the week of May 22 to 28.

This Northern Territory delegation is in conjunction with The Northern Australia Food Futures Conference, Australia’s leading event on agricultural development in the North.   

Conference website:

The conference is integral in driving expansion in Northern Australia and places northern agriculture on the national agenda. Investors, politicians, industry innovators, industry and community leaders, and stakeholders from around Australia and the world attend the conference. New to the Food Futures Conference this year is an Ag Tech Showcase afternoon for leaders in Australia’s Ag Tech industry to demonstrate tools and technologies that foster growth, innovation, and efficiency in agriculture.  

Northern Territory Farmers Association has offered the opportunity to participate in the Ag Tech Showcase during the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference and to assist with developing a farm tour program upon the conclusion of the Conference program. The tours will showcase the Northern Territory’s plant industries, the potential for agricultural investment and innovation, and opportunities for the sharing and Israeli knowledge exchange around technology. The tour will have a particular focus on the management of biosecurity challenges, water-use efficiency practices, protected cropping technology, arid zone agriculture research and development, Northern Territory’s horticultural genetic programs, including mangoes and jackfruit, and the use of using LiDAR data to guide agricultural efficiencies, crop yield data, agronomic management, and agricultural development.

We look forward to hearing about your interest.

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International Diamond Week | Israel 2023

27-30 March, Israel


The Israel Diamond Exchange, one of the world’s largest diamond hubs, invites you to the most exciting and unique happening in the diamond world this year!

Come celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the State of Israel in a series of events during the 2023 International Diamond Week.

​The Israel Diamond Exchange is well respected as one of the world’s largest diamond hubs, and your visit to International Diamond Week is a great opportunity to extend your network of partners and suppliers globally.

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EcoMotion Week 2023

The Main Event will take place on May 23rd at the Tel Aviv Expo.

This year is all about Mobility 360. Join us for a day of networking, knowledge sharing, demos, showcases and fun! 

Register here or let us know and we can help:

Email: Jeremy



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June 12 – 15, Tel Aviv

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INNOTECH 2023 | The International Cyber & Innovation Event

A large two-day exhibition with national pavilions and hundreds of companies, accompanied by an outstanding conference with thought-provoking panel discussions. The cyber field at the center of this event is relevant today to every aspect of our lives, from the private and organizational use of computers and communications to the protection of critical infrastructure connected to the net. Due to the accelerated development of IoT – connecting every smart device to the internet, and the expanding use of cloud technology, users have been exposed to growing cyber threats by criminals, terrorists, and even state actors. Cyber innovation and applications have become an integral part of the operations of law enforcement agencies, security organizations, and the military, in addition to civilian and municipal organizations. Innovation in cyber, with an emphasis on expanding the ecosystem with government and municipal support. INNOTECH Conference and Exhibition will showcase the various facets of cyber, including the protection of critical and industrial infrastructure (OT & SCADA), information and cloud systems cybersecurity, identification and reaction to cyber incidents, cyber intelligence tools, offensive cyber, and more. The event provides an inspiring business arena and an opportunity for B2B meetings, inspiring professional content by the best experts, intriguing panel discussions on various cyber and innovation topics, and ground-breaking.

Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel Upcoming Events Upcoming Exhibitions

Israel Cyber Week 2023 | AU/NZ Delegation to Israel

Invitation to Join

Sunday 25th June – Saturday 1 July 2023

The Annual AU/NZ Cyber & Data Security Study Tour to Israel

To coincide with Israel’s world renowned annual Cyber Week in Tel Aviv

Join us for this week of high-level engagement with world leaders in Cyber designed for CIOs, CISOs, Directors, Regulators, C-level executives, risk managers, and cyber professionals.

Is your organisation ready for a cyber crisis?

Cyber-attacks on corporations and government agencies are becoming more frequent and will continue to rise as our world becomes more digitalized and hybrid work models become norm.

Zero-Day and Social Engineering attacks are more common than ever and organizations needs to be proactive.

Take initiative, prepare your organisation, create a strong infrastructure.

Join our annual Cyber & Data Security Study Tour to Israel to coincide with the world renowned Cyber Week in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Israel is at the centre of the global cybersecurity ecosystem. Spurred by record funding in 2021, Israeli cybersecurity is well-positioned to provide solutions for all organisations. In light of Digitalisation, high-profile attacks have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of the world’s attention – a trend expected to continue.

This delegation is an excellent opportunity for business and government leaders in innovation, data analytics, governance, and cyber security to gain an understanding of Israel’s cybersecurity eco-system, emerging cybersecurity trends and to partner with the vendors providing cutting-edge solutions.

As the most prominent business organisation and partner for Government and business in both AU & NZ, the Israel Trade Commission in partnership with the Circle, are committed to expanding our work in this area. For the past few years, we have been dedicating much of our program to Cyber Security as well as our ongoing Study Tour program to Israel, most recently led by Mr. Alastair MacGibbon – a copy of our 2022 program is available upon request.

The six-day Study Tour will comprehensively include: Latest trends in cyber defence strategies for government and the private sector Key cyber solutions being developed for the market, from corporates to consumers Meeting with established cybersecurity solution vendors and new Israeli cybersecurity start-ups including 1:1 business meetings per your specific field of interest Cyber accelerators, incubators, and strategic VC funders Understand the role of STEM education in developing cyber capabilities Cyber Security workshop conducted by senior figures in the Israeli industry

Date: Sunday 25 June – Saturday 1 July 2023
Cost: Will be provided upon expression of interest

Covers Full program for the duration of the Tour (including 2 day cultural programme) VIP entry to Cyber Week and special events All ground costs including transport and meals included in the official group program  (Please note that the fees do not include transfers, accommodation costs, international and internal airfare, and local travel undertaken on a private basis or travel for individual meetings whether or not accompanied by ITC or TTBC staff)

After the success of this year’s Israel Cyber Week conference and exhibition we expect a strong turnout for 2023; please do let us know early if you’ll be attending so we can arrange bespoke B2B meetings for you throughout the week in Israel.

Expression of interest/Registration

Jeremy Ungar, Senior Trade Officer, Israel Trade Commission –