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Israeli Delegation – Northern Australia – Food Futures Conference

Our office is inviting you, as an Israeli company with operations in Australia, to join us in an official delegation capacity during the week of May 22 to 28.

This Northern Territory delegation is in conjunction with The Northern Australia Food Futures Conference, Australia’s leading event on agricultural development in the North.   

Conference website:

The conference is integral in driving expansion in Northern Australia and places northern agriculture on the national agenda. Investors, politicians, industry innovators, industry and community leaders, and stakeholders from around Australia and the world attend the conference. New to the Food Futures Conference this year is an Ag Tech Showcase afternoon for leaders in Australia’s Ag Tech industry to demonstrate tools and technologies that foster growth, innovation, and efficiency in agriculture.  

Northern Territory Farmers Association has offered the opportunity to participate in the Ag Tech Showcase during the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference and to assist with developing a farm tour program upon the conclusion of the Conference program. The tours will showcase the Northern Territory’s plant industries, the potential for agricultural investment and innovation, and opportunities for the sharing and Israeli knowledge exchange around technology. The tour will have a particular focus on the management of biosecurity challenges, water-use efficiency practices, protected cropping technology, arid zone agriculture research and development, Northern Territory’s horticultural genetic programs, including mangoes and jackfruit, and the use of using LiDAR data to guide agricultural efficiencies, crop yield data, agronomic management, and agricultural development.

We look forward to hearing about your interest.

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EcoMotion Week 2023

The Main Event will take place on May 23rd at the Tel Aviv Expo.

This year is all about Mobility 360. Join us for a day of networking, knowledge sharing, demos, showcases and fun! 

Register here or let us know and we can help:

Email: Jeremy



Events & Exhibitions Exhibitions in Israel Upcoming Events Upcoming Exhibitions



June 12 – 15, Tel Aviv

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Israeli Companies Exhibiting at COP27 (6-18 November) + Australia announces bid to co-host UN Climate Change Conference in 2026

“I deeply believe that COP27 is an opportunity to showcase unity against an existential threat that we can only overcome through concerted action and effective implementation.”

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

6-18 November

IL Climatech solutions – COP27 Catalogue

In other news:

The Australian government has announced it will bid to co-host the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in 2026 with Pacific nations.

The Australian government has announced it will bid to co-host the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in 2026 with Pacific nations.

Chris Bowen, minister for Climate Change and Energy, recently said the government has decided against bidding to host the 29th session of the Conference of Parties (COP29) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2024, and will instead focus on 2026, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Our delegation at COP27 and our COP31 bid will go a long way to help drive Australia’s economic transformation to a net-zero economy, and strengthen green trade partnerships and secure jobs for Australian workers,” he said in a media release on Saturday.

He said the upcoming COP27, slated for November 6-18 in Egypt, is an opportunity to showcase Australia’s renewed climate leadership, “as we demonstrate our potential as a renewable energy superpower.”

The announcement has been welcomed by environmentalists.

Dermot O’Gorman from the World Wide Fund For Nature said hosting COP31 would “revive” Australia’s reputation on climate issues.

“This is an Olympic moment — a huge opportunity to host a nation-building global event,” he told the Australian Associated Press.

At the COP27 in Egypt, Australia’s delegation will demonstrate the government’s commitment to action on climate change, according to Bowen.

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Israeli VC looks to partner with Aussie corporate investors

Ahead of the Australia-Israel Innovation Summit, MarineTech venture capital fund theDOCK’s co-founder Hannan Carmeli shared his thoughts on automation opportunities in the maritime sector and his aim to build relationships with Australian firms.

A graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy and Israeli Navy, Mr Carmeli has spent 30 years working in the tech sector, including a 10-month stint as Director of International Activity at the Israel Innovation Authority.

Five years ago, he sought to marry his work experience with his long-time passion for sailing, eventually co-founding theDock, a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in startups in the maritime, supply chain, and offshore sectors. The fund has a particular focus on automation in marine vessel and docking terminal operations. For example, portfolio company Orca AI is developing a platform which could facilitate autonomous shipping.

Now running its Navigate II fund, worth US$30 million, Mr Carmeli said theDock’s deal flow is currently 60-70 per cent Israeli, with the remaining spread around the world. Investment partners include Singaporean port operator PSA International’s venture capital arm and Japanese logistics company NYK Line.

Mr Carmeli will speak on a panel at the Australia-Israel Innovation Summit to discuss the opportunities to ‘Digitise Supply Chains in a Services-driven Economy’ on October 19. The summit is organised by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

“Today, there is much more data generated than back 10 years ago, even five years ago. Every terminal operation, every vessel, every truck, every car, they all generate data because of different IoT devices that were installed. And now there is a big trend of companies and startups looking at how to leverage all that data in order to bring better efficiency, in order to reduce emissions, and in order to do better future planning,” Mr Carmeli said.

“With the enormous amounts of data available today already it is only through technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality…that stand a chance to actually convert the data into meaningful insights and observations.”

He added that the insights would help build supply chain resilience, learning from the disruptions of the Covid-19 and the blockage of the Suez Canal in March 2021.

Design partnerships where large corporations help mould and direct startup innovation is “extremely important for both sides” he added. Large corporations get “new out of the box ideas about how to solve problems”, while startups get “realistic data and information about how the innovation would work” in real-world applications.

Mr Carmeli said that companies generally have two options when it comes to taking equity in startups. It could be done through the creation of an internal corporate venture capital (CVC) arm or by investing in a venture capital fund with subject matter expertise. Although he acknowledged that the creation of a CVC gives companies more control over the end product, Mr Carmeli argued in favour of the latter option.

Firstly, establishing a CVC can be very costly for firms, it requires building a whole new set of operations “when this is not the main business of the company”, he said.

“The other [downside] is that when a corporate invests in a startup through a CVC, it may associate the startup too closely with that one company, preventing that startup from doing business with competitors of the company.”

He also noted that some firms may choose to invest in venture capital funds to avoid the “heavy-lifting” of screening startups. “We are trying to make investments in one startup out of 100,” Mr Carmeli said.

“When you’re screening startups, that’s a lot of heavy lifting, because I’ll give you an interesting piece of data. We are trying to make investments in one startup out of 100…Not each and every cooperate, can or wishes to engage in that heavy lifting so sometimes they see value in having other independent VCs doing all the heavy lifting and then deciding through a CVC platform, deciding if they wish to invest directly in any of the startups that was picked up by the independent VC.”

Mr Carmeli said “Australia has quite a heritage when it comes to maritime” and that he is eager to strengthen theDOCK’s relationships with Australian corporations and startups. He also added that it’s “no question that Australia has a lot to offer” the global supply chain sector.

“We’re always looking for good strong strategic investors in our fund…but because of our vertical nature we like to [work with large corporates].” is media partner for the Australia-Israel Innovation Summit. You can find out more about the full program and book your tickets by clicking here.

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Singapore FinTech Festival | 2-4 November | Israeli Companies

Singapore FinTech Festival is the largest FinTech festival in the world and a knowledge platform for the global FinTech community.

Please review the catalogue of Israeli companies exhibiting.

Reach out to Luke Bulbrook for meetings.

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MIXiii Health-Tech.IL

Wednesday November 9, 2022 – Thursday November 10, 2022


MIXiii Health-Tech.IL is the annual get together Event for the Life Science & Health Tech Industries in Israel. The MIXiii Health-Tech.IL, organized and led by IATI, will take place at the International Convention Center – ICC Jerusalem on November 9-10, 2022. The Conference, organized by the industry and for the industry, consists of a conference, exhibition, B2B meetings, networking, and satellite events.


IATI is Israel’s umbrella organization of the life science, high-tech and other advanced technology industries, with members from every level and aspect of the ecosystem including Venture Capital Funds, Israeli Growth and Mature Companies, R&D Centers of MNC’s, Start-Ups, Incubators, Tech Transfer Organizations, Academic Institutions, Innovation Centers, Hospitals, Municipalities, Economic Development Offices, Service Providers and more.

Through its broad range of members, IATI connects Israel’s tech ecosystem, provides solutions and support at all levels, and integrates the various sectors of the industry with strategic and ongoing governmental goals.

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Israel Cyber Week 2023 | AU/NZ Delegation to Israel

Invitation to Join

Sunday 25th June – Saturday 1 July 2023

The Annual AU/NZ Cyber & Data Security Study Tour to Israel

To coincide with Israel’s world renowned annual Cyber Week in Tel Aviv

Join us for this week of high-level engagement with world leaders in Cyber designed for CIOs, CISOs, Directors, Regulators, C-level executives, risk managers, and cyber professionals.

Is your organisation ready for a cyber crisis?

Cyber-attacks on corporations and government agencies are becoming more frequent and will continue to rise as our world becomes more digitalized and hybrid work models become norm.

Zero-Day and Social Engineering attacks are more common than ever and organizations needs to be proactive.

Take initiative, prepare your organisation, create a strong infrastructure.

Join our annual Cyber & Data Security Study Tour to Israel to coincide with the world renowned Cyber Week in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Israel is at the centre of the global cybersecurity ecosystem. Spurred by record funding in 2021, Israeli cybersecurity is well-positioned to provide solutions for all organisations. In light of Digitalisation, high-profile attacks have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of the world’s attention – a trend expected to continue.

This delegation is an excellent opportunity for business and government leaders in innovation, data analytics, governance, and cyber security to gain an understanding of Israel’s cybersecurity eco-system, emerging cybersecurity trends and to partner with the vendors providing cutting-edge solutions.

As the most prominent business organisation and partner for Government and business in both AU & NZ, the Israel Trade Commission in partnership with the Circle, are committed to expanding our work in this area. For the past few years, we have been dedicating much of our program to Cyber Security as well as our ongoing Study Tour program to Israel, most recently led by Mr. Alastair MacGibbon – a copy of our 2022 program is available upon request.

The six-day Study Tour will comprehensively include: Latest trends in cyber defence strategies for government and the private sector Key cyber solutions being developed for the market, from corporates to consumers Meeting with established cybersecurity solution vendors and new Israeli cybersecurity start-ups including 1:1 business meetings per your specific field of interest Cyber accelerators, incubators, and strategic VC funders Understand the role of STEM education in developing cyber capabilities Cyber Security workshop conducted by senior figures in the Israeli industry

Date: Sunday 25 June – Saturday 1 July 2023
Cost: Will be provided upon expression of interest

Covers Full program for the duration of the Tour (including 2 day cultural programme) VIP entry to Cyber Week and special events All ground costs including transport and meals included in the official group program  (Please note that the fees do not include transfers, accommodation costs, international and internal airfare, and local travel undertaken on a private basis or travel for individual meetings whether or not accompanied by ITC or TTBC staff)

After the success of this year’s Israel Cyber Week conference and exhibition we expect a strong turnout for 2023; please do let us know early if you’ll be attending so we can arrange bespoke B2B meetings for you throughout the week in Israel.

Expression of interest/Registration

Jeremy Ungar, Senior Trade Officer, Israel Trade Commission –
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Israel’s AgriFood Week

Save the Date: Nov 6-10, 2022 // Tel Aviv

Israel’s AgriFood Week is back! 

Leap into a week full of opportunities filled with knowledge sharing, networking, collaboration and second-to-none interactions with leading investors, multinational AgriFood corporations and dozens of cutting-edge technologies.

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Cutting-Edge Cyber | Israeli Delegation to GISEC

There’s one event to experience the full-powered synergies of cyber security across industries, across enterprises, across governments.

GISEC is the undisputed show for security business and the industry’s leading super-connector – bringing together 300+ global cybersecurity providers and powerhouse vendors from 40+ countries, globally renowned hackers, heads of national security agencies and CISOs of major corporations.

As a leader in Cyber Security, Israel is back participating in GISEC 2022 exhibition, presenting a full spectrum of advanced solutions tailored for Critical Infrastructure, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Manufacturers, and IT Enterprises.

The Israel Pavilion at GISEC Dubai 2022 will provide a centrally located, high-profile venue for 8 Israeli leading Cyber companies, presenting the cutting edge technology
in IT, OT, IoT, and Cyber Training domains.