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INTSITE | Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Heavy Machinery with AI-powered Automation

INTSITE employs artificial intelligence and deep learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of worksites in industries focused on heavy machinery, such as construction, mining, and container ports. Originally developed as a guidance system and smart dashboard for construction cranes, INTSITEs technology has rapidly expanded to other industries in which suboptimal heavy machine usage creates similar challenges to efficiency and profitability. INTSITE’s patent-pending technology combines computer vision, deep learning, and aerospace algorithms with off-the-shelf hardware (cameras and other sensors) to transform heavy machinery into smart and autonomous robots quickly and cost-effectively. Safety and performance are enhanced as the machinery becomes smarter, estimating the machines posture and visual perception. By connecting all of INTSITEs machines to the cloud, a vast network of heavy machinery is created at worksites worldwide, enabling data-driven decisions and allowing worksite activity to be monitored in real time.

INTSITE will be exhibiting their product at Bauma in Munich, Germany on October 24th. If you are planning on attending the event this year you should head to their booth (A2.607).

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Israel – a hot country helping to cool the planet

There is no avoiding the issue of climate change and imperatively, the issue is being increasingly prioritized on the international agenda. In May of this year, a new study led by the Weizmann Institute of Science concluded that storms in the Southern Hemisphere have already reached intensity levels previously predicted to occur only in the year 2080. In short, the report indicated, worryingly, that the Earth’s climate is changing even faster than predicted.

Much needs to be done globally. In Israel, the climate issue has always been a consideration. Its arid climate and shortage of natural resources forced Israel to be creative in the spheres of energy and water management. Since the 1950’s solar panels have been used to heat water in close to 90% of homes while the country’s water revolution was accomplished through a combination of national water conservation campaigns, reusing water for agricultural purposes, and the construction of energy-efficient desalination plants.

As they have done in other sectors, such as water and cybersecurity, Israeli policymakers and industries collaborated, not only to tackle challenges, but also to stimulate industry sector evolution by supporting innovation, growing indigenous companies, and ultimately creating solutions for the domestic market and global export. The significant report: Israel’s State of Climate Tech 2021 by the Israel Innovation Authority and PLANETTech – a nonprofit innovation community for climate change technologies – reaffirmed this collaborative commitment. 

Today, according to Startup Nation Central, Israel is home to more than 700 companies that offer “ClimateTech” solutions that transcend many sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction, Alternative Food, Agriculture, Transport and Mobility, and Water. Among those are companies such as: 

Electriq~Global has developed a fuel that comprises 60% water. The company’s process technology extracts hydrogen from liquid fuel, which is then harnessed to create electricity to power vehicles.

Tomorrow – whose technology aims to democratize access to global weather forecasting and enable organizations to prepare for and mitigate the business impact of weather.

ECOncrete- which produces bio-enhancing concrete technology that supports biodiversity, and carbon storage, and offers superior structural performance to any concrete marine infrastructure. 

Electreon- is a leading provider of wireless charging solutions and end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to global partners, regional municipalities, Departments of Transportation, and fleet operators. Electron currently operates a first-of-a-kind wireless Electric Road and stationary charging station in Tel Aviv.

In addition to this, many multinational companies, such as Mercedes Benz, Asos, Hitachi, and Uber are partnering with Israeli climate-tech solutions companies, further amplifying their impact around the world. 

This type of global interaction and cooperation is essential and it can also offer economic and technological development and opportunity. To quote President Issac Herzog, who launched the Israeli Climate Forum earlier this year; “The global climate crisis is here with full force, and it is getting worse. We have a mighty mission, and we will rise to it only if we work together, in an Israeli partnership, in a Middle Eastern partnership, and a partnership of all of humanity.”

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QbiqAI | AI Technology for Architectural Services

QbiqAI has developed a proprietary architecture AI engine that utilizes deep-learning technology for generative design, image processing, and 3D solutions to automate and optimize architectural services for the real estate market.

The company’s AI engine automatically customizes, optimizes, and provides test-fit designs for any office space. Tenants can have access to a selection of designs instantly, enabling faster decision-making and shorter cycle times.

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Smart Air | Out of the Box Climate Solutions

SmartAir (ISO9001 certified) builds and sells cutting-edge, innovative cooling and heating solutions.

Client base ranges from private customers, to businesses, to large-scale industrial projects, all over the world.

Competes on prices and customer service

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Retem Steel – 3D Steel Grid

Retem 3D Steel Grid LLC specializes in erosion control, slope paving and soil stabilization applications. We manufacture the 3D Steel Grid in our factory in Israel. The 3D Steel Grid is a three dimensional galvanized steel grid built in a unique “rib cage” configuration that forms an efficient, flexible and easy to use concrete reinforcement media. 

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SAYE Holdings Ltd.

SAYE Holdings Ltd. is an Israeli company with global business interests that represents top tier Israeli B2B technology companies in select markets and develops its own in-house technology projects within specific verticals. SAYE a one-stop-shop for high-end corporate security solutions, including Eavesdropping Proof Safe Rooms (also known in the US as SCIF; Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). 

Corporate meeting rooms are where most corporate and market sensitive information is created and shared. With SAYE’s SAFE HAVEN anti-eavesdropping technology, companies can be assured their information is securely protected against hostile elements. An eavesdropping proof room is an isolated room that is built as a “bubble” within an existing conference room or office. This room is protected against external listening devices, electro-magnetic energy leaks (RF Shielding) and against direct hostile eavesdropping (acoustics shielding)

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The Future of Work Is Now – Here Are the Israeli Technologies Behind It

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic requiring millions worldwide to work remotely, business leaders and economic experts predict that the crisis will accelerate significant transformations in the nature of work.   

Of course, distributed workforces and greater flexibility around working from home are but a small part of the trends that were already set to define the future of work, along with augmented workforces working alongside increasingly sophisticated robots and machines; automation; greater use of data analytics; and virtual collaboration.

Deloitte calculates that Israel’s future of work tech industry had raised more than $1.2 billion as of 2019 – and when looking at the wide range of companies and startups with value propositions for managing the 21st-century workplace, it’s clear that Israel is a hub of innovation in this space.

From improving workflows to managing talent to robotics, here are a few noteworthy Israeli companies shaping the future of work:

  • Founded in 2012, is a work operating system uniquely suited to helping workplaces manage remote work. The company’s platform makes it easy to track projects and status updates across departments, delivering real-time insights into teams’ bandwidth and workloads.
  • OnePep is an AI-based human resources management platform with tools designed to boost employee satisfaction, retain top talent, and enhance team collaboration. The platform serves as a hub for company news and announcements, cross-functional collaboration, and BI analytics.
  • Last-mile distribution is the toughest challenge facing the logistics industry – particularly during times like these, with delivery demand surging – but warehouse robotics startup Fabric, formerly known as CommonSense Robotics, is building robots and automated micro-fulfilment centres where retailers can store goods, enabling workers to make deliveries faster. 

As businesses navigate unusual circumstances and prepare for workforce transformation, Israeli innovation is helping smooth the transition.

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Parma Shutters Technologies

Parma Shutters Technologies is seeking strategic partners, investors and distributors for its range of  high  end architectural fenestration products such as Sun louvers, Window shutters, Facades, etc. with access to the leading architects of luxury villas and apartments.

Parma Shutters Technologies has developed an innovative ‘Tilt & Stack’ mechanism for louvered shading products.

The unique functionality, look, and the strong, sturdy Louvers of the Parma Tilt & Stack™ system make it a very attractive product for architectural and engineering systems.

How it works

Parma’s unique and patented mechanism consists of screw bars on both sides of the opening. Traveling nuts are mounted on the screw bars and are in turn mounted to the louvers or bars that will close the opening. The rotation of the screw bars moves the louvers up to open, and down to close the opening.


Parma’s system can support a large variety of applications, from glass louvers to Hurricane shutters. The louver can be installed in various orientations – horizontally as a shutter, vertically for balcony enclosures or mounted as a roof element in a pergola or lanai.

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Smart Films International

Smart Films International (“SFI”) is a developer and manufacturer of Dynamic Smart Glass Solutions for the Architectural and Automotive markets.

SFI provides the following dynamic glass solutions:

  • Smart Film / Smart Glass

Smart Film, also known as Switchable Film or Privacy Film is an innovative solution for Privacy on Demand. The Smart Film switches between transparent and ‘milky’ white by applying electrical voltage. Privacy Glass is a Smart Film, laminated as a sandwich between two glasses. SFI’s Smart Film is based on its propriety NCAP PDLC technology. Traditional glass can easily be upgraded to Smart Glass through application of a Self-Adhesive Smart Film.

  • Solar Glass

Solar Glass refers to either Electrochromic technology (active technology) or Thermochromic technology (passive).

Electrochromic glass control is a crucial element in office and industrial buildings with large glazed surfaces in the façade as well as in classical conservatories. Electrochromic control glass is an intelligent alternative for common shading solutions and provides plenty of daylight in conservatories and behind glass façades, as well as a permanently unobstructed view to the outside. The amount of light transmitted by the glass can be flexibly adapted to the user’s needs, according to the weather conditions.

Thermochromic Glass uses heat from direct sunlight to tint when necessary. As the sun moves across the sky, the Glass will cool and return to clear. At night or in cloudy conditions, when direct sun is not present, the Glass remains clear and allows as much daylight as possible.

  • Display Glass

SFI’s Display Glass solution enables customers to turn their glass into a multimedia display and at the same time keep it’s glass transparency. Upgrading traditional glass, for example a storefront glass, with a Display Glass enables a customer to turn their storefront glass into a big multimedia display on demand, with a prestige feel and look. It is a fantastic platform for sales and marketing. SFI’s range of solutions fit external and internal glasses, digital posters etc. They represent the next generation of the old traditional digital signage.

In addition, SFI develops and manufactures ‘Normally Open’ Low-Voltage switchable LCD film based on proprietary Liquid Crystal, which serves a variety of applications such as helmets, Ski goggle and lenses. Its main product is EyeStrobe (™) to train the connection of Eye – Brain – Body.

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ATIR Engineering Software Development Ltd

ATIR is looking to expand their presence in the Australian Market.

ATIR continues to change the game in the structural engineering world. A state-of-the- art tool for engineers, ATIR’s programs can help transform even the most imaginative architectural designs to a workable structural model.

Click here for a full company profile. 

ATIR Engineering Software Development Ltd was founded in 1983 with the aim of developing structural analysis and design software that would be both sophisticated and comprehensive but at the same time easy to use for the professional engineer.
During the last three decades ATIR’s staff of software and structural engineers, with the help of academic experts, have created versatile and powerful structural engineering programs for the construction industry.

STRAP, their flagship program, covers the entire design process from analysis to the production of drawings and schedules. The program includes:
• Design modules for calculating structural steel, reinforced concrete and post-tensioned elements subjected to static, dynamic, wind and seismic loads.
• A bridge load and analysis module.
• AutoSTRAP, a BIM (Building Information Modeling) module to create a structural model from architectural drawings.

STRAP offers the engineer a comprehensive, authoritative and affordable tool for use in six different languages and is fully compliant with many international building codes.