Israeli High-Tech Capital Raising in 2009 Reached $US1.12 Billion


Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising – Israeli high-tech capital raising in 2009 reached $US1.12 billion.

The following are the findings of the Israeli Venture Capital (IVC) Quarterly Survey conducted by the IVC Research Center, which for more than 13 years has been at the forefront of high-tech, venture capital and private equity research in Israel. This Survey reviews capital raised by private Israeli high-tech companies from Israeli venture capital funds, foreign and other investors.

In 2009, 447 Israeli high-tech companies raised $1.12 billion from local and foreign venture investors. In the fourth quarter, 124 Israeli high-tech companies raised $275 million from venture investors – both local and foreign. Sixty-seven companies attracted more than $1 million each. Of these, 17 raised $5 million to $10 million each and four companies raised more than $10 million.

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