The Geyser

The Geyser LLC is an innovative organization and has patented inventions for the Kitchen Accessories Market. The presently marketed product represent a revolutionary new way of basting roast meats and fowl (e.g. turkeys, roast beefs, etc.).
This new technology collects the juices released from the meat and recycles them back, through a tube and a shower distributor, to continuously baste the meats for hundreds of cycles during its cooking period.
The idea of not having to manually baste, while the meats are in the oven, with all the dangers and discomfort this entails has been received enthusiastically in international markets, mainly by infomercial companies and home shopping networks.
The Geyser was introduced to the marketplace only recently and the company is now interested in reaching the large retail markets.
The Geyser LLC will be launching its next patented invention for the kitchen accessories market the “GourMeater”, an innovative meat readiness device, during the first half of 2008. The “new product” has been developed by a staff of Israeli engineers from the former Soviet Union, under Mr. Mor’s direction. The founder and owner of The Geyser LLC is Yitzchak Mor.

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