Elbit lands $300m. contract to supply Australian military

As reported in the Jeruslaem Post, Elbit Systems Ltd won a $300 million contract on Monday to supply the Australian Army with command-and-control systems for its ground forces. The system will be similar to the Tzayad C4I system recently inaugurated by the IDF Ground Forces Command.

The project, Elbit CEO Joseph Ackerman said, would be completed over the next three years and would likely lead to additional contracts from other foreign militaries.


“We are in talks with a lot of different countries,” Ackerman said. “All militaries are interested in such command-and-control capabilities.”

Under the contract with the Australians, Elbit will provide capabilities that  will increase the commander’s battlespace awareness, automate combat messaging and assist in the execution of operations. Installation of the system on military vehicles, as well as the portable version carried by infantry commanders, will significantly reduce the risk of friendly fire incidents.

In September, the IDF held its first division-level test with the Tzayad, which, like the versions the Australians are purchasing, also provides users with a 3D version of the battlefield, enabling commanders to better assess their battle plans.

“Australia is a very important market for Elbit Systems, and we are extremely proud to be selected by the Department of Defence for this major program, one of the largest and most prestigious BMS programs in the world,” Ackerman said.

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