Spotlight On…Haifa Chemicals Australia Ltd

A new office in Australia for an old Israeli company, Haifa Chemical of Israel has taken the step of opening a dedicated office in Melbourne to service their clients in Australia. Haifa Australia is a wholely   owned subsidiary of Haifa in Israel the world premium supplier of Potassium Nitrate for both farming and industry.

Haifa Chemicals was established in the late 1960’s to convert Israel’s unique resource of potassium chloride from the Dead Sea into a value added fertiliser product. This product potassium nitrate has since been exported to over 120 countries worldwide and Haifa has over 10 offices. Haifa Products have been available in Australia for the past 18 year and have formed the basis for soluble fertilizer use.

The move to open an office in Australia is recognition of the importance of this market and a commitment of Haifa to the farmers of Australia. “The need to increase the efficiency of agricultural and its  use of fertilisier and water will see a growth in the soluble fertilisier market in Australia states CEO Trevor Dennis” . Mr Dennis is excited that the Haifa range of products have a very strong brand in Australia and as the market grows so will the relationship between Israel and Australia.

In Australia Haifa products are distributed through the major agricultural supply houses of Elders, Campbells, Lindsay Rural and many other smaller independent stores. The Haifa brands of Multi-K potassium Nitrate and Polyfeed are unique in that they supply 100% plant available nutrients and when used with irrigation increase the water use efficiency of plants and thus have a positive effect on the environment.

Haifa is not only a Fertiliser company, the unique properties of the Haifa Technical Potassium Nitrate when mixed with sodium nitrate create thermal salts. Thermal salts can store solar energy and in Spain Haifa is the leading supplier of this technology which can enable the power of the sun to be used at night. “As Australia moves to large scale Solar Generation Haifa will be there to support move” sates Mr Dennis.

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