Drinking water for China, Israeli style

As reported in Israel 21c Normally, “green” and “desalination” are two words that don’t go together. Desalination is a process that takes brackish inland or sea water and makes it drinkable. This can be a lifesaver in countries with limited or no access to fresh water, such as Saudi Arabia or Jordan, but the processesContinue reading “Drinking water for China, Israeli style”

Israel Water Technology Delegation to Brisbane

Australian natural resources boom attracts foreign investment from Israel, and leads to a trade delegation visiting Brisbane to explore opportunities for Israeli Water Technology in the mining and coal seam gas industries. Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. The country hasContinue reading “Israel Water Technology Delegation to Brisbane”

TaKaDu Enters Latin America with First Water Infrastructure Monitoring Deployment at Aguas de Antofagasta in Chile

Aguas de Antofagasta, one of Chile’s leading water utilities, expects improvement in efficiency and quality of service as a result of the implementation  TaKaDu, a Water Infrastructure Monitoring pioneer, today announced its first commercial deployment in the Latin American market, at Aguas de Antofagasta, Chile. Aguas de Antofagasta supplies water to the city of AntofagastaContinue reading “TaKaDu Enters Latin America with First Water Infrastructure Monitoring Deployment at Aguas de Antofagasta in Chile”


Netafim™ is the global leader in smart drip and micro irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. With more than 35 subsidiaries worldwide, Netafim agronomists and engineers deliver optimal solutions to growers in over 112 countries, with 14 manufacturing facilities around the globe and over 2,400 employees. Netafim helps the world grow more with less, thisContinue reading “Netafim”


EUREKA’s representatives from 40 countries are investing 134 million euros ($194 million) in 89 initiatives across Europe, 14 of which have Israeli partners. Israel has been one of the five most active members in EUREKA, the leading industrial R&D initiative in Europe, boasting the same number of projects as much bigger [EU] countries. In 2011,Continue reading “ISRAEL PARTNERS IN 16% OF EUREKA’S 89 APPROVED INNOVATIVE PROJECTS”

Talks progress on gas pipeline to Greece

As reported in Globes.co.il: A pipeline from Leviathan would be a technically complex project that could cost over $6 billion. Sources inform ”Globes” that Israel and Greece have made real progress toward a memorandum of understanding on an agreement to export natural gas from the Leviathan field via Greece. The parties also agreed to make aContinue reading “Talks progress on gas pipeline to Greece”

Work begins on largest private power station

As reported in Globes.co.il: The $870 million project for Dorad Energy is being built by Wood Group, the UK company’s first activity in Israel. Scotland-based Wood Group plc (LSE: WG) has begun construction of Israel’s largest private power station that Dorad Energy Ltd. is establishing on land owned by Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company Ltd. (EAPC) inContinue reading “Work begins on largest private power station”

WATEC Israel 2011

WATEC 2011 – The 6th International Exhibition & the 3rd International Conference on Water Technologies, Renewable Energy and Environmental Control. The WATEC 2011 Exhibition & Conference is Israel’s prime event for showcasing its technologies and achievements in the fields of water, environment and energy.

ITC’s Position on Marrickville Council Stance

The ITC sees Marrickville Council’s support for the BDS  as grave and believes it should not be left unanswered by the Australian authorities. We urge all parties to engage in dialogue rather than support a boycott. The B.D.S movement strengthens the radicals and we suggest the people who support the boycott should rather channel theirContinue reading “ITC’s Position on Marrickville Council Stance”

US-Israeli solar energy co Brightsource raises $122m

As reported in IVC Online: The company value was $700-800 million, after money. Brightsource Energy Inc. has raised $122.5 million in its fifth financing round. In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company said that it raised the capital in shares and warrants, as part of a planned $125 millionContinue reading “US-Israeli solar energy co Brightsource raises $122m”