Country gets two new nanotech research centers in one day

As reported in IVC:

Bar-Ilan, Ben-Gurion Universities open centers simultaneously

On the same day that Bar-Ilan University opened its $150 million, 7,000-square-meter nanotechnology research center in Ramat Gan on Monday, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev opened its own $42.5m., 5,000-square-meter nano research center in Beersheba.

Today, every university except for the University of Haifa, which does not offer science studies, has a nanotechnology center. The universities say that one center does not come at the expense of the other.

They add that the field of nanotechnology – which deals with materials in the range of 100 billionths of a meter or smaller in at least one dimension – has endless possibilities in a wide variety of fields from medicine to energy and will transform the world.

BGU invested $20m. in the building itself and the rest in research facilities and personnel. Both universities dedicated their centers as a part of their annual board of governors activities.

In preparation for the new building in Beersheba, BGU offered a special program aimed at preparing technical personnel and support staff for nanotechnology research in a variety of fields. This is being done to prepare trained manpower for integration into nano research and hi-tech development.

BGU president Prof. Rivka Carmi said her university has invested about $90m. in the last few years in its national biotechnology institute to establish an effective academic platform for a successful biotechnology industry in the Negev and Israel and to contribute significantly to the infrastructure of applied biotechnology in life and medical sciences, which will benefit from nanotechnology research.

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