E-Drive Technology

E-Drive Technology is an Israeli company with over 20 years of experience in providing with smart automotive system solutions and applications for the Fleet and Fuel Management and Telematics segments.

The producst were design to provide Automotive manufacturers, rental and leasing companies, large commercial fleets and government companies with online and offline control over their commercial and private fleet and to increasing its customer’s profit by delivering direct savings of up to 30% from their vehicle expenditures.

E-DriveTech develop its Hardware and Management software based on the highest quality standards and among its customers are large global automotive companies, large food and beverages companies, police, postal and health organizations.

The product combines online/offline information: location, speed, acceleration, fuel, driver information and performance as well as online tracking, security features, remote immobilizing and data logging.

The systems are sold for both Aftermarkets (Via distributors or Communication providers (e.g. T-Mobile)) and as OEM products (e.g. General Motors).

They are looking for business partners which will include their various products in their product portfolio.

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