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Growth Spurts in Smart Mobility & the Future of Smart Transportation 

Disruptive innovation across various industries sees a change in the global corporate landscape and Israel is home to one of the world’s largest innovation technology hubs. It has lately seen enormous growth, particularly in the transport, logistics, and mobility sector. As such, the global transport industry is disrupted by trends in new Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Digitalization, and Electromobility. 

Start-ups are seizing the opportunity to develop novel solutions for the future of mobility furthermore; they are addressing the trend that new mobility provides for innovative mobility solutions for passengers and goods, most notably in the area of shared mobility and micro-mobility, as well as in fleet management solutions. Autonomous driving-related start-ups have shown the strongest growth among the four categories and digitalization-related start-ups make up the largest share of mobility start-ups. Start-ups focusing on the development of electromobility (such as EVs, batteries, charging facilities, and electric motors) experienced moderate growth in recent years.

The insurgence in the industry is fueled by a convergence between the growing need to solve urban transportation problems and the emergence of new technologies and radical business models. Smart mobility offers to deliver valuable services across entire transportation networks thus, aiding urban congestion, difficulties in providing additional transport infrastructure, and inflexible and regulated public transit agencies. Overall, the way individuals travel from one place to another is fundamentally changing.

Below is a list of some companies that offer smart mobility solutions:

  1. Otonomo – fuels a data ecosystem of OEMs, fleets, and more than 100 service providers spanning the transportation, mobility, and automotive industries. The company’s platform securely ingests more than 4 billion data points per day globally from over 50 million vehicles licensed on the platform along with massive amounts of mobility demand data from multimodal sources. It then reshapes and enriches the data to accelerate the time to market for new services designed to improve the mobility and transportation experience. Otonomo provides deeper visibility and actionable insights to empower strategic data-driven decisions, thereby taking the guesswork out of mobility and transportation planning, deployment, and operations. 
  • Uveye – develops automated vehicle inspection systems powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary hardware. The company’s unified inspection-as-a-service deep-learning platform provides an objective, scalable, and efficient standard practice for identifying issues in vehicles as they progress through the automotive lifecycle. UVeyes anomaly detection and alerting solutions offer support throughout the mobility industry, from the in-line inspection or paint shop on-site at the OEM manufacturer to the aftermarket with insurance providers, fleet managers, rental agencies, dealerships, and more. 
  • Autobrains – provides perception products for advanced driver assistance and fully autonomous driving systems, with dramatically superior performance and lower compute requirements vs. market standard. The precise perception and sensing platform enable the car to fully comprehend its environment and recognize a wide array of fine-grained concepts, including pedestrians, vehicles, and behavioral states. 
  • Via – uses new technologies to power public mobility systems and optimize networks of dynamic shuttles, buses, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, school buses, and autonomous vehicles around the globe. The company’s platform uses algorithms to adapt ride-sharing routes to passenger needs. Via’s technology enables minibusses or other large shared taxis to collect passengers from prearranged stops and to adjust routes in real-time according to passenger demand, traffic congestion, and other factors. Via licenses its technology to cities, transportation authorities, school districts, universities, and private organizations to help them build their own technology-driven transportation networks. The company operates in partnership with over 400 local governments across more than 20 countries worldwide.
  • Aquarius Engines – develops, manufactures, and distributes linear internal combustion engines, based on the company’s proprietary two-sided free piston linear engine, which can also be integrated into generators for off-grid electricity or boosting electric powertrains. With only one moving part, the Aquarius engine is compact and lightweight, allowing for reduced manufacturing and maintenance costs. The Aquarius generator is developed and built to meet robust requirements for availability, reliability, redundancy, remote control, and cost efficiency.
  • Greenroad Technologies  – a fleet management solution provider differentiated by its focus on driver safety for commercial fleets. Used by more than 120,000 drivers in hundreds of fleets worldwide, the company’s products deliver a rapid return on investment based on a reduction of incidents, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and maintenance and insurance expenses. GreenRoad’s solutions provide real-time driver coaching and alerts for more than 150 risky driving maneuvers of varying severity along with predictive driver and vehicle analytics. The company’s mobile app-based platform is now used by thousands of mobile workforce, oil, and gas industry drivers across the globe. The availability of this digital solution makes it easy for customers to include contractors and temporary workers as well as employees, including those who drive motorcycles, within the Safe Driving program and to roll out the solution across global organizations.
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Smart Mobility Startups Looking to Raise Capital

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AiDock uses innovative AI technology to streamline the supply chain process in the shipping industry. AiDock uses intuitive artificial intelligence to empower teams to dramatically increase accuracy, speed and capacity of paperwork such as data entry and HS Codes classifications, by having digital assistants. By applying a big data intelligent learning algorithm, AiDock adapts highly detail-orientated information to different markets and regulatory changes with an immensely high level of precision.

For more information please contact Rochelle Ives

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EZPack Water – Water Storage, Distribution, and Purification Solutions

EZPack Water develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution, and purification. Its solutions include EZPuro, a compact robotic water purification and desalination system; water storage, transportation, and distribution solutions based on the company’s proprietary two-layer bladder technology; and EZCond, proprietary atmospheric water generator. The company’s products are aimed at markets such as emergency use, disaster relief, firefighting, remote water supply, military, home and outdoor, and others.

Email Jeremy if you are interested.

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Step-Hear – Accessibility for People with Blindness, Visual Impairment or Mobility Disability

Step-Hear is an audio-guide wayfinding system for blind and visually impaired people. It works indoors, outdoors, and on public transportation. It assists people with mobility disabilities to remove some obstacles in their daily activities. 

You can get an idea about the system in the short video –

The system combines a free application (or personal wrist-activator) that automatically activates Step-Hear’s unique audio signs – a smart loudspeaker with several audio notifications, active when a user of the app is nearby. 

Step-Hear is the most advanced system of its kind since the audio sign is essential: it is an anchor for the blind and visually impaired, within the relatively wide Bluetooth range – to find a specific point as an entrance door and to know exactly where to stand, so that the guidance to other points of interest, is the most accurate. 

The application provides quite a few features in three different sectors:

Step-Hear Guide

Pinpoint accurate guidance inside buildings and outdoors

  • Helps to find the entrance in a wide range of building façades

Step-Hear Assistant

The app allows people with disabilities to remove some obstacles in their daily life

  • Notify a reception of a venue that a person requiring assistance has arrived
  • Open coded doors with the app
  • Activate a Wheelchair Lift

Step-Hear Urban

A unique system for public transportation

  • Bus system – After selecting the required line – sending the bus driver a message that a person with a disability is waiting at the next stop. 
  • Train system – Audio indication of the train door closest to the user and automated longer door opening times 
  • Pedestrian traffic lights – Automated sound indication to find the crossing, audio description of the junction, automated activation of the indication sound for a red or green light


  • Step-Hear system has won the 2019 Zero Project Award, awarded to the most innovative and effective technologies for accessibility –
  • Step-Hear has won the Seal of Excellence from the EU program for innovations, Horizon 2020
  • Already installed in thousands of venues in Israel and Europe, The Step-Hear system is present in Banks, Universities and Colleges, Shopping Malls, Tourist Attractions, Theatres, Government Offices, Hospitals, Bus Stops and Buses, Parks, &c.

If you know of any entities that could supply or distribute Step-Hear in Australia or New Zealand, we would love to learn about them and connect them with Step-Hear in Israel.

Please email Electronics Manager:

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Webinar – The Digitalization of Trade – Innovation for Ports, Shipping and Maritime Logistics

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OttoSec offers an automotive cybersecurity service, based on a proprietary in-vehicle hardware device, designed for OEMs and the aftermarket.

OttoSec’s small, low-cost stateful firewall device identifies and prevents damages resulting from automotive cyber attacks. The device is easy to install and configure, and can be managed through the network security server.

Looking for partnerships with aftermarket automotive installers and fleet owners.

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As the World Plans COVID-19 Exit Strategies, Israeli Tech Can Help

After two months of lockdowns to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, countries across the globe are beginning to implement phased exit strategies for safely reopening their economies.

As governments and businesses look to ease restrictions while maintaining social distancing and protective measures like mask-wearing and diligent hygiene, Israeli technology companies offer a diverse array of solutions for safeguarding public health and equipping officials with the real-time intelligence they need to successfully manage exit strategies and rapidly respond to new cases:

  • Used by more than 130 local governments across the United States, smart city management platform Zencity harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive actionable insights from citizen feedback data collected both online and offline. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the company is helping local governments improve crisis communications, pinpoint gaps in response, and enhance preparedness. As localities reopen their economies, the platform can help governments monitor resident sentiment in specific areas, tailor communications according to residents’ needs and questions, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Corsight’s sophisticated facial recognition technology – based on advanced neuroscience and biological research – works even for individuals wearing face masks, making it easier to identify and notify people who have been in proximity to confirmed COVID-19 patients. A subsidiary of leading AI company Cortica, Corsight can help bolster contact-tracing, which public health experts have identified as a critical element of any successful exit strategy.

AqooA Solutions is developing a solution using electrolyzed tap water to kill viruses and bacteria. Led by researchers at Bar-Ilan University, the company has tested its solution against herpes simplex virus type 1

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The Future of Work Is Now – Here Are the Israeli Technologies Behind It

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic requiring millions worldwide to work remotely, business leaders and economic experts predict that the crisis will accelerate significant transformations in the nature of work.   

Of course, distributed workforces and greater flexibility around working from home are but a small part of the trends that were already set to define the future of work, along with augmented workforces working alongside increasingly sophisticated robots and machines; automation; greater use of data analytics; and virtual collaboration.

Deloitte calculates that Israel’s future of work tech industry had raised more than $1.2 billion as of 2019 – and when looking at the wide range of companies and startups with value propositions for managing the 21st-century workplace, it’s clear that Israel is a hub of innovation in this space.

From improving workflows to managing talent to robotics, here are a few noteworthy Israeli companies shaping the future of work:

  • Founded in 2012, is a work operating system uniquely suited to helping workplaces manage remote work. The company’s platform makes it easy to track projects and status updates across departments, delivering real-time insights into teams’ bandwidth and workloads.
  • OnePep is an AI-based human resources management platform with tools designed to boost employee satisfaction, retain top talent, and enhance team collaboration. The platform serves as a hub for company news and announcements, cross-functional collaboration, and BI analytics.
  • Last-mile distribution is the toughest challenge facing the logistics industry – particularly during times like these, with delivery demand surging – but warehouse robotics startup Fabric, formerly known as CommonSense Robotics, is building robots and automated micro-fulfilment centres where retailers can store goods, enabling workers to make deliveries faster. 

As businesses navigate unusual circumstances and prepare for workforce transformation, Israeli innovation is helping smooth the transition.

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Israel’s Drone Industry Reaches New Heights, Tackles Public Challenges

As governments worldwide ramp up their efforts to combat the global coronavirus pandemic, officials and healthcare providers are turning to a broad suite of technologies – big data analytics, telemedicine, and even drones. Whether for surveying affected areas, delivering medical samples and quarantine supplies, or monitoring and protecting crops, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) stand to play a critical part in the global response to the pandemic.

With 50 drone companies and startups, Israel is a hub of drone innovation. The country first began work on developing drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in 1962, for defense purposes. Israel is globe’s top exporter of drones, and the country’s drone-tech ecosystem has put Israeli companies to meet expected surge in demand for drone technology across a broad swath use cases.

Business Insider Intelligence forecasts that the drone services market will spike from $4.4 billion in 2018 to $63.6 billion by 2025. Driving the market’s growth will be increased use of drones in numerous civilian industries: For example, agriculture will employ drones to monitor crops and livestock; the construction industry will use them to perform safety inspections in hard or dangerous-to-reach areas; and insurers will turn to drones to survey damage and gather data for claims processing.

Drones are even starting to be deployed for on-demand food deliveries – as residents of Reykjavik, Iceland have enjoyed firsthand since Israeli drone company Flytrex began partnering with the city in 2017. The company will begin food deliveries in Holly Springs, North Carolina this year, after securing approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Flytrex isn’t the only Israeli company scaling the skies of drone innovation:

  • Edgybees provides situational awareness for public safety professionals, first responders, broadcasters, and others using drones mounted with augmented reality-equipped cameras. The company’s technology was used by responders during recent wildfires in Australia and California.
  • Percepto develops autonomous drones for monitoring and surveillance of assets in the energy, mining, oil & gas, ports, and solar industries. Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Israel, the U.S., and Australia, and its clients include Italian electric company ENEL and U.S.-based Johnson Controls.

With its esteemed research institutions, robust public investment in R&D, and unparalleled entrepreneurialism, Israel is well-positioned to continue its leadership in drone innovation at a time when the globe needs it most.