ITC Tech Systems Ltd.

Company Name:        ITC Tech Systems Ltd.

Contact Person:          Ms. Daria Aharoni

 Address:                      159 Igal-Alon St., Tel-Aviv 71700, Israel

 Telephone No.:           972-3-6969880

Mobile:                                    972-57-7944038

Fax:                             972-3-6969880



Year of Establishment:  2005

No. of Employees:      1-10

Summary of offer:      CTI solutions / BI solutions for telephone traffic and management database – HIGH ROI

 Description of offer: 

 The PCC*Automatic dialer and identify incoming calls – Plug in: Office, Outlook, Dynamic, Sap, Lotus-notes and more.

 Dialing from Contact and Portal, dialing from every office screen and document, including from e-mail signatures by clicking the name or published number.

  1. Redialing calls and automatic dialer- personal list management based on pre-defined schedules and priorities.
  2. Incoming calls are identified from the Database and displayed on screen. Identification includes: client’s name, telephone number, and additional details from database
  3. Personal history of all calls and automatic alert of missed calls on user extension  are sent to e-mails and on cell phones, with all the necessary calling client information
  4. A PCC agent is installed in the user’s pc or terminal server

 The Supervision BI – Modular system

 Organizational communication with real time information from various PBX or virtual switch all in one centralized system analyzing outgoing, incoming, missed, abounded, transferred, waited, flows calls.  Statistics and graphs are synchronized with PIM/CRM/ ERP information

  1. Operational improvement actions based on tracking users activity
  2. Dynamic router outgoing and incoming calls to PBX extensions and lines, to  telephony services and packages synchronized with PIM CRM ERP
  3. PBX remote control panel and automatic recovery mechanism controlling lines, extensions, departments, groups, real time warning, advance notice, prediction mechanism.
  4. Blocking harassing calls and tracking filter : The behavior of numbers entering the organization’s system is tracked during the regular work

 Potential Partner:       

•           Retailers can add safety to the displays in store fronts

•           Home ware, DIY, and hardware stores

•           Manufacturers of bath and faucet products can include safety as part of their products, offering to create significant brand differentiation

•           Medical and child safety, child care and elderly age equipment companies.

•           Super-Pharma, CVS and other pharmacy chain stores.

•           Investors that are willing to invest in consumer products.

 Target Countries:        European countries.

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