Miriam Shoham Ltd.

Company Name:        Miriam Shoham Ltd.

Contact Person:          Mrs. Ella Harduf

 Address:                      Sea of Galilee 12935, Israel

 Telephone No.:           972-4-6732622

Fax:                             972-4-6732621

E-Mail:                         ella@mshoham.com

Website:                      www.mshoham.com

Year of Establishment:  1984

No. of Employees:      80

Summary of offer:      Export of Fruit – mainly mango and pomegranates and tool for extracting pomegranates seed easy – Arils Removal Tool.

 Description of offer: 

 We are one of Israel’s largest growers and exporters of Mangos & Pomegranates.  We also grow, pack and export other varieties of fruit worldwide.

 Our team has created the ART – Arils Removal Tool – to enable easier eating of pomegranates, and increase their consumption. The ART was crowned as the winner of the “Innovation Award”, 2010 – Fruit Logistica, Berlin.

 Potential Partners: Super-markets, fruit importers and distributors, kitchenware shops, health products shops, telemarketing companies.

 Target Countries:        USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Spain, Turkey, England, France, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Armenia, Afghanistan.

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