Launch of “Ofeq-9” Satellite

Launch of an “Ofek” satellite

On June 22nd, “Ofeq-9” (“Horizon-9″) satellite, which was developed and produced by the Israeli Aerospace Industries, was launched from IAF  “Palmachim” air base and successfully injected into the orbit by means of a satellite launcher. Weighing approximately 300 kg., this new satellite will orbit Earth from up to 600 km. in space, providing higher resolution images than those of previous measures and enabling the gathering of intelligence from a greater distance.

Ofeq-9” is the 13th Israeli satellite launched into the orbit over the past 20 years, the last such being “AMOS 3“, launched in 2008. “Ofeq-9” is the product of two years of enhancements and improvements on existing Israeli satellites, providing expanded capabilities, in the quality of its photography and the geographical capacities it offers. The launch of “Ofeq-9” emphasizes Israel’s ongoing expansion of intelligence-gathering capabilities and is expected to join Israeli efforts related to Iran and other states in the region.

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