The Top 10 Things to do in Jerusalem in the Winter

As reported in Israel21cThe rain is just arriving and temperatures are inching down. Now’s the time for some unique winter activities to enjoy in Jerusalem. ISRAEL21c takes a look at some of the top 10.

The rain hasn’t yet begun to fall, but it’s officially wintertime in Jerusalem. All the signs are in place, from the trays of jelly-filled sufganiyot (Hanukkah doughnuts) that line the bakery shelves to the menorahs, or hanukkiyot (as they’re called in Hebrew) adorned with candles, to winter menus of savory stews and soups. True, it would be nice to have a drop of rain or a drop in temperature and be able to don a heavy coat or sweater, to make the season seem a tad more real, but Jerusalemites are eager to officially usher in the winter.

While at the best of times Jerusalem winters are short, they are nevertheless filled with chilly, rainy days that lend themselves to typically Jerusalem winter activities. Eating heavy, ethnic foods is one; tramping along cold cobblestones to see winter-only sights is another. Yet a wintry Middle East offers pleasures unavailable in more northern climes, such as wintertime strawberries and spring-like wildflowers, doughnut hunts and warming kube soup.

Some of these activities are known to all, others may not seem specific to winter. But if you consider the time of year when they’re available, you’ll see that it makes sense to partake of these top ten over the next few months, before Purim and Passover come around.


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