Mantissa develops mini radar system

As reported in Israel21C: Israel’s Mantissa has developed a miniature radar/surveillance system the size of a personal camera. The company, which successfully completed the demo stage of the new radar, says the new development is a technological and application breakthrough that will change the rules of the game for surveillance and security.

According to the company, the miniature MSHRS-300X sensor demonstrates the capabilities required for securing strategic facilities, critical infrastructures and borders. It works day and night, in all weather conditions and weighs just 490 grams.

“Mantissa’s radars provide a solution to many of the drawbacks associated with security devices currently on the market, most of which are based on cameras,” said Mantissa founder Ehud Fishler. “Camera usage involves costly personnel watching multiple screens. They have to work around the clock and are hard pressed to capture images at a great distance, track multiple objects and work in bad weather or poor visibility conditions.

The radar provides full information of target range, velocity, azimuth and heading. Its staring antenna enables vehicle recognition from a distance of up to 600 meters and can distinguish people from animals at 300 meters.

“Our radars outperform traditional VMD systems,” said Fishler.

The company is currently seeking an investment of $3 million in order to complete the product’s development and launch it in the market.

“The capabilities, size, weight, and price of this radar make it feasible for use by every army unit, and military or civilian facilities. Our radar system supports a broad range of innovative functionalities and will usher in a new era for surveillance, security and urban safety,” said Danny Seker, CEO of Mantissa. “I have no doubt that within five to seven years radar-integrated cameras will be commonplace.”

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