IDE Technologies

IDE specializes in research and development of saline water desalination processes, concentration and purification of industrial streams, wastewater treatment, heat pumps and ice/snow machines.
IDE develops, designs, manufactures and installs sophisticated equipment for industrial and domestic applications throughout the world. Our equipment and plants are based on self-developed processes and state-of-the-art technology. In addition IDE provides post-sales maintenance and support for plants delivered to our customers.

Since its inception in 1965, IDE Technologies ltd. has designed and supplied over 370 plants of various types and sizes, in nearly 40 countries worldwide, with an overall production capacity of about 1,400,000 m3/day. Some of the first units commissioned are still in operation after more than two and a half decades, to the satisfaction of users, without significant loss of the original performance or breakdown.
IDE’s desalination plants have rightfully earned a reputation for outstanding availability, stability and flexibility of operation, making them also suitable for developing countries where skilled operating personnel is scarce and reliable operation is essential.
IDE has successfully installed a variety of water solutions, including Vapor Compression and Multi-Effect Distillation Units, Reverse Osmosis plants, Concentration and Refrigeration Equipment. Moreover, with thermal distillation units ranging from 30 to 18,000 m3/day, and membrane desalination plants ranging from 600 to 330,000 m3/day, some of these plants are of the largest of their kind in the world.

IDE Presentation

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