General Electric awards Pythagoras Solar $100,000 prize


As reported in Pythagoras develops and provides photovoltaic glass unit technology.

Pythagoras Solar has been awarded the $100,000 ecomagination Challenge prize by General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). Pythagoras Solar, which has offices in Petach Tikva, develops and provides photovoltaic glass unit technology. GE’s ecoimagination Challenge prize recognizes the most promising building energy innovations.Pythagora Solar vice president marketing and business development Udi Paret said, “GE sets high standards and we are proud that our technology has been recognized as a distinctive solution, ready for the real world and set to enable a market shift towards net zero energy buildings. This award, along with its $100,000 prize, validates our proposition and supplements the increased interest we are seeing from successful pilots, first commercial projects and growing product demand.”

GE said that winners were selected from nearly than 5,000 entrants based on originality, feasibility and potential impact.

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