15 Israeli start-ups join Bootcamp Ventures US tour

Digital media, IT, and mobile start-ups are participating in the Boston and New York road trip to meet potential investors and high-tech industrialists.

15 digital media, IT, and mobile start-ups are participating in Bootcamp Ventures’ Israel Innovation: Boston & New York Road Trip to meet potential investors and high-tech industrialists.

Bootcamp Ventures is a start-up advisory firm with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and Istanbul. The road trip’s objective is to provide a stage for start-ups to present their wards, and obtain advice, ideas, and proposals for investments and collaboration.

Bootcamp Ventures says that the 15 start-ups were chosen following interviews and meticulous screening of applicants to find the most promising companies at Israel’s technology incubators. Each start-up will have a six-minute presentation before venture capitalists, followed by one-on-one meetings.

The 15 start-ups are:

Active Insight Ltd., which is developing a SaaS product for customer acquisition optimization:
AnyClip Ltd., which allows third-party sites to provide their users with movie content services;
CallApp, a mobile application that turns a mobile network into a social network;
Funtactix Ltd., a web-based gaming platform for social networks;
Gamingo Ltd., a developer of fantasy and other sports entertainment games;
•Guerillapps, a vertical social gaming platform targeting lifestyle and health moms;
MobileResearch Labs Ltd., a technology which can spot personal and public media exposure and preferences in real time;
Roaste.com, an online coffee shop;
Superfly, which collects and analyzes a user’s travel patterns, offering ways to save money;
TicTacTi Ltd., an in-game advertising platform;
Tracx, which maps big social data to identify untapped audiences in real time for marketers;
•Visual Bee Ltd., an automatic graphic designer for PowerPoint presentations using artificial intelligence;
XyDex Technologies Ltd., which develops business software and management tools for small and medium businesses and organizations;
YellowBrck, a mobile app for parents.

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