Simple – Inventions Co.

Simple – Inventions Co. is an innovative houseware products,  creating and manufacturing its own products which are basically very simple and useful products.

Introducing our new product Fresh Hanger.

It is a hanger with a built-in small compartment holding inside a scent pad.

The pad spreads fresh scent from assorted odors and rejects moth and mildew.

The hanger is available in various colors and made from plastic (p/p).

The   Fresh Hanger can be sold in houseware stores, DIY stores and garment stores.

For hanging men and ladies’ garments, for use in stores and home.

The hanger is in a patent pending status.

We  are seeking  a  company that  can  import  the  product  and  sell  it  in  their country.

Please  advise of  your  interest  in  the   product, and  how you  see  the  marketing model.

Please  let  us  know  your  experience  in  the  retail market,  sales  force  and  territory covered.

Molding can be done by your company logo / request and desire.

For further information please contact us.

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