Zuk Marble

uk Marble is a family business that has been producing and marketing marble since 1980.

Zuk Marble produces all types of Israeli Stones such as:
Jerusalem Gold, Halil (Antique Gold), Jerusalem Grey, Jerusalem Honey (Bone) and more…
We are now partners in Egyptian and Turkish quarries and factories which allows us to produce
and supply the Egyptian Sunny, Triesta and the Bianco Ibiza.
In tiles of various sizes, Slabs and cut to size for special projects
Our finishes include: Polished, Honed, Tumbled, Brushed, Bush-Hammered and all types of hand chisel.
Since the beginning, Zuk Marble has grown steadily, situating itself amongst the leading producers and exporters of natural stones.
In Israel, Zuk produces and carries out jobs for the largest public, commercial and private projects of indoors, outduoors and wall cladding, staircases and bathtubs, tiling in various sizes and finishing.
Zuk’s export department has made its mark around the world producing and supplying Slabs, Tiles and more.
Our line of products can be found in the United States, Europe, Australia and the Far East.
Zuk’s aim is to please customers by producing the best material and putting a very strict emphasis on quality control and delivery time.
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