Israeli pavilion at Yeosu 2012 Expo inaugurated

“Sea of Inspiration” to imbue visitors with underwater magic. Israel Pavilion at Yeosu Expo in Korea to take visitors on aquatic journey.

The Israel Pavilion at Expo 2012, also known as the Sea of Inspiration, is set to excite visitors with the immersive underwater journey and breathtaking topographical viewing experience. This pavilion captures Israel’s unique marine offering as characterized across technology, science, education, culture and environment, in an interactive and rousing manner. 

The façade of the pavilion was designed by renowned Israeli lighting artist Ayala Serfaty, to welcome visitors by showcasing the Israeli pavilion’s theme “Sea of Inspiration” captured in an aesthetically appealing style. 

Visitors enter the Sea of Inspiration through an illuminated hallway that is adorned with images capturing Israeli marine activities along the four seas, from walking on the sea shore of the Mediterranean Sea, surfing on the Sea of Galilee, floating on the Dead Sea and diving into the Red Sea – gradually “leading” the visitors into the deeps. This phase of the pavilion also emphasizes Israel’s wide marine culture attractions. From ancient archaeological sites, to unique marine-inspired art, to water-oriented sports, Israel offers a rich aqua experience.

As the visitors turn the corner, they go into a space, simulating an underwater reality. An imaginary world of micro-organisms unveils to the visitors on 8-meter-long 18-light pillars, carries them to a discovery journey into the basic foundation of life, realizing the human responsibility of saving our important natural resources. 

After exploring the translucent columns, Sea of Inspiration visitors can proceed into a separate exhibition hall that offers a spectacular topographical journey across Israel, as well as four distinct panels that provide a hands-on and interactive learning experience. These panels demonstrate Israel’s leadership in marine science and technology, across biomed and cosmetics,
desalination and aquaculture among others.

“The Sea of Inspiration offers visitors a magical adventure,” said Yaffa Ben-Ari, Commissioner General of Israel. “Visitors will encounter exquisite Israeli discoveries and innovations. New windows of knowledge about dozens of items will be open to your touch. The virtual exhibits propose Israel’s ecological solutions for humankind while keeping the balance between man and nature.”

Israel brings its pavilion at the Yeosu Expo into the palm of your hand

Visitors to the Sea of Inspiration will be able to re-live their visit with the Israel Pavilion 2012 app, available to iPhone and Android smartphone and tablet users: Israel Pavilion Korea 2012. The app also allows for further connectivity to Facebook and Twitter.

Smartphone and tablet users can extend the immersive undersea experience from the Israel Pavilion at the Yeosu Expo with a proprietary app. This application illustrates Israel’s leadership in science and innovation by offering a virtual pavilion tour, key marine facts, and social network connectivity in an interactive and easy-to-navigate manner.

The app provides a comprehensive virtual tour of the pavilion, allowing the user to either self-navigate through the many exhibitions on display, or select the autopilot mode to be taken through the pavilion. In addition to this tour, users can also access a wide breadth of information as related to areas covered in the pavilion including: technology, education, science, culture and environment.

“The Israeli Pavilion at Expo 2012 Yeosu has been designed to take the visitors into an exciting underwater fantasy experience,” said Yaffa Ben-Ari, Commissioner General of Israel. “The imaginary voyage takes visitors into a world of knowledge about Israeli scientific and technological developments. We offer visitors the opportunity to relive the experience as well as ‘diving’ into the wealth of inspiring discoveries by scanning the Q code to their smartphones and tablets.”

Specifically, the Israel Pavilion Korea 2012 app is available to iPhone and Android smartphone and tablet users. This app is available free of charge in both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace. Users can easily connect this app to their own Facebook and Twitter accounts by clicking on the ‘i’ icon.

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