Nili Metal Works Ltd.

Nili Metal Works specializes in turnkey projects involving the design, construction and upgrade of sophisticated poultry sheds and houses in Israel and overseas.

Nili Metal Works Ltd. supplies and installs the most advanced poultry equipment.

Nili Metal Works Ltd. places emphasis on modernization and novelties and therefore many of the product that have been developed or imported by the company are considered standard products in poultry farms.

The company representing leading international companies such as: Chore Time, Tecno, Munters, Jansen, VDL, RTA, Clerici, Roberts Gordon, Global, Sentinel.

Nili Metal Works Ltd. Planning and erecting poultry projects on “turnkey” basis.

Nili Metal Works Ltd. maintains professional divisions including: planning, sales, quality control and technical departments which escort the client all along the road.

All these services are for the client’s benefits under the same umbrella, combined with the professional know-how and experience of the company’s experts.

The ability of Nili Metal Works Ltd. to accomplish all the steps in- house, saves time and money to the client.

Nili Metal Works Ltd. is setting up grain storages and treatments as well as raw material stoking for the plastic industries, waste water treatment, silo bins for storage of feed for cows, sheep and pigs.

Nili Metal Works Ltd. is involved in agricultural projects in Israel and abroad, such as: Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and other African countries. Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries in Europe and Asia.

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