Company Profile: Gauzy

Smart glass company, Gauzy, is developing technology that will allow us to ‘handle glass like never before’.  Recently profiled in the BBC and ranked as one of the top 10 futuristic technologies coming out of Israel, Gauzy’s patent-pending technology uses Liquid Crystal Controllers to control the amount of light allowed to pass through glass. Their glass includes dimming functions and the ability to control transparency, as well as the option to include transparent solar cells.

Gauzy’s product video below showcases the many ways in which their technology can be used, from elevators, to fridge doors, to café windows:

Last October saw Gauzy raise $4 million in its first financing round from the U.K. investment fund Sollange, previously raising $350,000 from private Israeli investors.

A number of prestigious establishments are already using Gauzy’s products, including the Ritz Carlton hotel in Herzliya, the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jerusalem and the Art Hotel in Amsterdam. Gauzy materials have also been installed at the national heritage site of Shiloh in Israel. They are also being used by Porsche and Brazilian glassmaker Fanavid.

Gauzy is represented in Australia by the Cooling Brothers Glass company:

Watch their profile on the BBC here:

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