New accelerator promotes Israeli neuroscience startups

Brainnovations, from the non-profit Israel Brain Technologies, is helping mentor and grow eight startups.

As reported in Globes:

Brainnovations, a new accelerator from Israel Brain Technologies — a non-profit group — is seeking to promote the local BrainTech industry and turn Israeli into a leading global hub.

The new early-stage launchpad program includes eight startups offering a wide variety of solutions.

FRS — founded by Prize4Life, which aims to find innovative treatments for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The company developed a smartphone app which monitors the stages of the disease in order to produce an objective measure of the patient’s condition for their doctor, in place of the questionnaires that are currently used.

MyndYou — a startup developing an app to track progress of Alzheimer’s disease, which hopes to succeed in early-detection by testing cognitive functioning.

Elnatan — a private initiative from Debby Elnatan, who is singlehandedly developing a product to aid patients with cerebral palsy. Elnatan, whose son has CP, has already developed one product in the past — a harness for children with physical disabilities. Her new product aims to offer relief for muscle spasms using vibrations.

Sensomedical — a startup from Nazareth which developed electrodes for internal brain stimulation, primarily used for patients with Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Saheylu Technologies — a group from the Technion Institute of Technology which is developing a solution in the BMI (brain-computer interface) sphere, which will help people with physical disabilities operate their phones and computers at home with their thoughts.

Recover — a startup operating in the neurological rehabilitation field, which is developing a technology to employ Virtural Reality to perform specialized exercises after brain injuries.

CerebraMed — a pharmaceutical company founded by researchers from Tel Aviv University who are looking for a medicinal treatment for patients with Alzheimer’s disease that will slow down or halt the damage to the brain’s nerve cells.

TALIAZ — an initiative from two brothers seeking to develop a solution to optimally match the correct medicine to a patient using bioinformatics. It aims to cut down the time it takes to find a patient the correct drug (like in cases of depression).

The entrepreneurs will be guided during the pgroam by mentors including Dr. Rafi Gidron (a Chromatis founder), Dr. Shimon Eckhouse (found and chairman of Syneron), Dr. Benny Zeevi (partner at DFJ Tel Aviv), Efi Cohen-Arazi (Rainbow Medical CEO), Ronen Gadot (ElMindA CEO), and Imad Younis (president at Alpha Omega).

The donation that enabled the accelerator’s foundation was received from Ohad Shaked, one of the controlling stakeholders in 888. The program has a number of corporate partners including Teva, Boston Scientific, Poalim Hi-Tech, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Reinhold Cohn group, the innovation company SIT, and the law offices of Katzenell, Dimant, and Frank.

The program will give participants access to IBT’s international network of experts, which includes a wide selection of researchers and doctors in the field.

IBT CEO Miri Polachek: “A life-sciences startup deals with many and varied challenges, and the neuroscience subfield is especially challenging. More than two billion people around the world suffer from brain-related diseases. The doctors, the patients, and the family members are desperate for solutions. Brainnovations will help push forward brilliant ideas and turn them into reality.”

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