Israeli AgTech Firms Improve Food Sustainability and Nutrition

Israel has a strong history of intensive research and development, having pioneered drip irrigation, seed development, greenhouse systems, fertilizers and pesticides, mechanization and sophisticated post-harvest maintenance systems. This experience is often combined with strengths in IT and analytics to pioneer new technologies in agri-tech.

Israel achieves ‘more with less’ with a land area of 22,000km2, 280 agro-technology related companies (200 of which export) and a US$4 billion export turnover. The industry in Israel has increased production value over the past 60 years, while decreasing labour force, cultivated land and fresh water usage.

One example of a company improving agricultural practices is EdenShield, which keeps crops bug-free without using chemicals.

As reported in No Camels;

Farmers must keep their crops protected from harmful insects. Yet studies have linked the disappearance of helpful insects, such as bees, to the overuse of pesticides.

Fortunately, Israeli startup Edenshield has developed a system that enables farmers to protect their crops while avoiding the use of environment-destroying pesticides. EdenShield can demonstrate the effectiveness of their natural plant and herb based pesticides.

In a study, greenhouses in Italy where tomatoes are grown using EdenShield’s GateKeeper prevented close to 100% penetration of pests and led to a reduction of over 80 percent in the use of pesticides.

EdenShield, a portfolio company of Trendlines Agtech, develops insect-control solutions derived from natural plant extracts. The products are nontoxic, so they pose no danger to growers or consumers. And they can be used throughout the growing period, especially during the critical pre-harvest period.

According to D. Todd Dollinger of the Trendlines Agtech accelerator, EdenShield’s products “have the capacity to make a major impact on our food chain, making production more efficient and consumption healthier.”

EdenShield is just one example of an Israeli Agri-Tech company that is creating new ways to improve sustainability and food quality.

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