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Israeli Software Adapted to Extend Battery Life in 150 million Phones

Lucidlogix Technologies  is solving this paradox with a software solution called PowerXtend.

Debuted in 2013 and already built into more than 150 million licensed Android devices, PowerXtend makes your phone battery last up to 20 percent longer when you’re using the most battery-draining graphical applications: chatting, gaming, multimedia browsing and navigating.

Based on article from Israel21C;

The development of the solution is a testament to the creativity and disruptive culture of innovation in Israel. The company began as a semiconductor developer, and in 2011 shifted into software for Windows gaming motherboards. Two years later, Lucidlogix merged with CellGuide and turned its focus to Android-based solutions for the mobile environment for saving power.
“Everything we have done from the beginning uses the same skillset: algorithms in the graphics pipeline,” Shorr says.


Specific software suites for each of those four activities work transparently whenever the display of the mobile device is activated.

In addition to extending battery life, PowerXtend also reduces the amount of heat released from the device during graphics-heavy uses like Waze, says Lucidlogix CEO and Chairperson Adina Shorr, from the company’s Netanya headquarters.

She emphasizes that PowerXtend is neither an app nor a chip, and is different than any other battery-extending solution currently available.

“There are apps you can download from Google Play that will help save battery by limiting the functionality of the phone, like turning off wireless and GPS,” says Shorr. “Our claim to fame is that we do not take the smartness out of the smartphone.”

Rather than changing functionality, PowerXtend relies on a smart set of algorithms that manage the graphics pipeline in way that requires less power, she explains.

“We do this according to content, giving different treatments for gaming, navigation, social apps and web browsing because these four categories operate very differently on your phone.”

The patented product is installed in the factory by Android original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Samsung, ZTE and TCL (Alcatel). So if you have, for example, a Note or a Galaxy S series, it already has PowerXtend inside.

Lucidlogix’s newest customer is Meizu,  one of the top 10 smartphone brands in China.

Aside from Samsung and LG, most Android brands are made in China, so that is where Lucidlogix concentrates its business, says Shorr.

Shorr formerly headed CellGuide and Objet Geometries, whose investors all followed her to Lucidlogix in 2013.