DryGair Greenhouse Dehumidifiers

DyGair is seeking an experienced distribution partner in Australia.

DryGair was established in 2010 in order to design, develop and market an efficient and environment friendly dehumidification solution for the humidity problem in greenhouses.

Developed with Volcani Center – ARO (Israel’s leading Agriculture Research Organization), the DryGair dehumidifier helps reduce the grower’s expenses and contributes to better yield (quantity and quality) using less energy and less pesticides.

The patented solution enables the grower to maximize the control of the climate conditions (moisture and temperature) in the greenhouse and to reduce the humidity. They offer a range of products in different sizes and for different climates, including warm, cool and split. This prevents humidity diseases, reduces energy costs and reduces the need for pesticides.

DryGair specialise in dehumidifying vegetable, herb, flowers and cannabis crops. Their desired crop size is over 300m2.


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