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pHi-Tech | Poultry Vaccination Systems

pHi-Tech’s poultry vaccination system ensures proper vaccine administration for each shot while achieving maximum efficacy for your vaccination program.

pHi-Tech’s system lets farm owners, veterinarians and integration managers better manage the vaccination process through –

  1. Enhanced accuracy and efficiency of the vaccination process
  2. Online control with real-time alerting for correction of vaccine administration errors
  3. Data collection and storage, enabling analysis and providing significant insights for managers to implement
  4. Enhancing worker safety and reducing human errors

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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Israeli Companies Exhibiting at COP27 (6-18 November) + Australia announces bid to co-host UN Climate Change Conference in 2026

“I deeply believe that COP27 is an opportunity to showcase unity against an existential threat that we can only overcome through concerted action and effective implementation.”

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

6-18 November

IL Climatech solutions – COP27 Catalogue

In other news:

The Australian government has announced it will bid to co-host the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in 2026 with Pacific nations.

The Australian government has announced it will bid to co-host the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in 2026 with Pacific nations.

Chris Bowen, minister for Climate Change and Energy, recently said the government has decided against bidding to host the 29th session of the Conference of Parties (COP29) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2024, and will instead focus on 2026, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Our delegation at COP27 and our COP31 bid will go a long way to help drive Australia’s economic transformation to a net-zero economy, and strengthen green trade partnerships and secure jobs for Australian workers,” he said in a media release on Saturday.

He said the upcoming COP27, slated for November 6-18 in Egypt, is an opportunity to showcase Australia’s renewed climate leadership, “as we demonstrate our potential as a renewable energy superpower.”

The announcement has been welcomed by environmentalists.

Dermot O’Gorman from the World Wide Fund For Nature said hosting COP31 would “revive” Australia’s reputation on climate issues.

“This is an Olympic moment — a huge opportunity to host a nation-building global event,” he told the Australian Associated Press.

At the COP27 in Egypt, Australia’s delegation will demonstrate the government’s commitment to action on climate change, according to Bowen.

Agriculture Business Opportunities

PIC-Plast | Coated Woven Plastic Sheeting for Agriculture

PIC-Plast produces sheeting for greenhouses, tunnels, orchards, vineyards, soft fruits, and ground cover. The company also develops modular metal structures based on its SOLARIG covers.

The SOLARIG Tunnel Kit (STK) is a modular structure for small-scale farmers. The STK includes all items necessary for installation, including the structure and cover, all supplied in modular carton boxes. PIC-Plast also develops modular, multi-span tunnels for commercial fields which are also based on its SOLARIG covers.


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Liquid Gold | Israeli Companies in the Fertilizer Game

A viral video has perfectly summed up a “terrifying” crisis facing the nation within weeks.

In recent days, the urea shortage plaguing Australia and the world has made headline after headline as it threatens to pull tens of thousands of trucks and private vehicles off the road and cause countless everyday items to disappear from supermarket shelves.

Not only is urea used in fertiliser, it is also a key ingredient in diesel ­exhaust fluid (DEF) – also known as AdBlue – which is injected into the exhaust systems of modern diesel vehicles in order to reduce emissions, which is a mandatory requirement for trucks, private vehicles and tractors.

The shortage is expected to peak by February, and could devastate our agriculture and transport industries, along with countless other sectors.

But while the problem is a complex one, an Aussie farmer has explained exactly why we should all be concerned.

Under the popular TikTok account FNQBeersBullsBoars, Queensland cattle farmer Matt Ferguson-Tait began by explaining that urea was essential in his industry, as it was used as a protein for cattle.

So, who are the Israeli companies in the liquid gold game that Australia can look to for inspiration and support?


Groundwork BioAg produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial farming. Containing concentrated and vigorous beneficial fungi, the company’s Rootella and Dynomyco inoculants can improve soil nutrient uptake in plants, increase crop yields, improve resistance to several types of stress, and reduce fertilizer requirements. Groundwork BioAg has demonstrated significant yield increases in numerous major crops, including corn, soybeans, sorghum, tomatoes, onions, and cannabis.


HomeBiogas produces small-scale, off-grid systems that convert organic waste, including food waste, animal manure, and human waste, into clean, renewable energy and natural fertilizer.

HomeBiogas systems offer functional and monetary value to households and small farmers while also having a positive impact on the environment. The systems provide health, sanitation, and clean energy solution for billions of people who have resorted to using firewood and charcoal to meet their cooking needs.

HomeBiogas has partnered and completed projects with many governments and international organizations, including the United Nations, Red Cross, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and SNV Netherlands Development Organization.

Haifa Group

Haifa Group supplies specialty plant nutrients and potassium nitrate for agriculture and industry.

The group’s products include the Nutrigation for precise fertilization through irrigation systems, foliar nutrition solutions for complementary and corrective nutrition, and controlled-release fertilizers for nutrient use efficiency.

Haifa Group has also developed knowledge-sharing platforms such as the Haifa NutriNet online expert system, which enables growers to access up-to-date optimized fertilization programs for their crops.

Haifa Group formally joined the UN Global Compact, adopting 17 Sustainable Development Goals principles. Haifa’s global operations span over 100 countries with 16 subsidiaries, 4 production plants, and 5 logistics terminals.


ICL is a global manufacturer of products based on specialty minerals primarily in agriculture, food, and engineered materials.

ICL produces approximately a third of the world’s bromine and is the sixth-largest potash producer, as well as the leading provider of pure phosphoric acid. It is a major manufacturer of specialty fertilizers, specialty phosphates, and flame retardants. ICL’s mining and manufacturing activities are supported by global distribution and supply networks and are located in Israel, Europe, the Americas, and China.

ICL operates within a strategic framework of sustainability that includes a commitment to the environment, support of communities in which ICL’s manufacturing operations are located and where its employees live, and a commitment to all its employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


VGI produces organic fertilizers from natural components that support healthy, natural plant growth. Its products reduce carbon dioxide emissions in agricultural production and help break the cycle of excess chemical use in agriculture.

VGIs product lines include the KF formulation for home gardening or agriculture, which is designed to enhance crop size, weight, colour, and yield. It is non-toxic to humans, non-polluting, and does not scorch leaves. The product can be applied through irrigation systems or as a foliar spray or soil drench. Deshen Hatzafon Established in Israel in October 2012 by 7 cooperative organizations representing 260 farming communities in Israel, that together own approximately 150,000 hectares of cultivated farmland.
The Company’s vision is to provide the farmer with the utmost agronomic knowledge to achieve the most efficient treatment for his crops.

Our products offer increased yields with reduced costs whilst at the same time being environmentally friendly by preventing soil and water contamination.

We produce bespoke solid and liquid fertilizers in a wide variety of forms, based on local soil and water type, farmers requirements and agronomists analysis, in order to provide optimal nutrition for all agricultural crops.

Our R&D department, agronomist and professional staff strive for excellence, producing the highest quality products while providing the most professional service. 
The Company’s personnel, led by farmers with field experience, understand our clients’ needs and are able to adapt our services to each client.

We are constantly in search of new ways to improve and simplify agricultural work while maximizing crop yield.


Gat Fertilizers produces tailor-made, fully water-soluble solid and liquid fertilizers for fertigation and basic pre-plant applications.

The company’s Gatit series of solid, fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers can be applied via irrigation systems. Its Shaphir solutions are used for fertigation in greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, and crops on artificial media. Gat also offers a line of micro-element fertilizers.


Efal Agri breeds vegetable seeds and develops raw materials for applications including plant protection, field crops, cosmetics, and water treatment. The company’s product line includes soil disinfection products, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and feed additives, veterinary medical products, and growth regulators.

Efal Agri is part of Efal Chemical Industries Ltd.


Future Tense develops, produces, and licenses a wide range of fertilizers, pesticides, and other products that are both potent and environmentally acceptable.

Future Tense products, such as Ductil-D, Dentamet, Bio-D, and AZN, are designed to nourish, protect, and enhance crop production. The company also has several products in various stages of development, including ecological soil disinfectants and pesticides, organic chelates, and micronutrient fertilizers.


Lextran specializes in sulphur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) catalytic pollutant removal in an open-spray tower technology.

The company’s patented technology introduces a multi-pollutant removal process that requires minimal equipment, a relatively small footprint, and only liquid reagents. Its process is considerably less costly in terms of investment and operation than technologies that treat each pollutant separately. In addition, Lextran’s process yields a commercial-grade fertilizer as a byproduct.

Lextran’s technology is suitable for customers such as coal and heavy fuel-fired power plants and industrial installations, diesel power plants, solid waste-management incinerators, and any other combustion plant emitting SOx and NOx.

Lextran is a subsidiary of Ludan Engineer.

Email to learn more and connect.

Agriculture Business Opportunities

Robotic Perception

Tractor Robots

Robotic Perception is developing autonomous vehicles for farming that provide precision spray solutions, mechanical treatment for weeds, and continuous monitoring of crops and plants using high-resolution imagery and a web-based crop management interface.

The robotic platform integrates high-resolution imagery, inertial sensors, and 3D sensors with actuators that include a spray module and mechanical treatment for weeds. Proprietary software supports accurate operation even in GPS-denied areas for extended periods of time and uses AI and deep-learning modules for crop and plant condition analysis and improved yields.

The company’s other verticals include consultancy services on navigation in GPS-denied environments for the Israeli airspace industry’s autonomous vehicles in the defence sector and the development of a navigation system for drones in GPS-denied environments using sensor fusion of image analysis and inertial sensors.

The company was awarded funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under the project agROBOfood.

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gorillaLink is a plug and play PaaS solution that seamlessly enables connectivity of smart devices across multiple satellite networks providing 100% global coverage.

We want to re-define the way industries seamlessly utilise their communication devices in a smart and unprecedented way, that allows them to be more efficient and cost effective.

Easy to integrate edge to cloud via satellite connectivity solution. Billing, link management and on boarding process in a single Platform as a Service. 

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Smart Air | Out of the Box Climate Solutions

SmartAir (ISO9001 certified) builds and sells cutting-edge, innovative cooling and heating solutions.

Client base ranges from private customers, to businesses, to large-scale industrial projects, all over the world.

Competes on prices and customer service

Agriculture Business Opportunities

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies | Root Zone Cooling and Heating Systems

Roots addresses plant climate-management and irrigation issues. The company specialises in two core technologies: root zone temperature optimisation, which can help increase yield, improve quality, save energy, and mitigate extreme heat and cold stress; and irrigation by condensation, which provides water for irrigation from the moisture in the air and soil.

Roots leverages the principle of ground-source heat exchange by installing a closed-loop system of pipes and a circulation pump. The lower heat-charging component is placed at depth, and the upper heat-discharging device is located in the target crop’s root zone. By heating the root zone during the winter and cooling it during the summer, the root zone temperature is maintained at a relatively stable, favourable range year-round.

Agriculture Business Opportunities

Juran Metal Works | Agriculture and Food Production Systems

Juran Metal Works provides automated, mechanized, and streamlined operating and production systems for agriculture, food, and other industries.

The company’s systems include the Fresh Defrost freezing method, the ArilSystem for automated pomegranate seed extraction, a lychee treatment process to retain natural color and shelf life, and a watermelon harvester and deseeder.

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EZPack Water – Water Storage, Distribution, and Purification Solutions

EZPack Water develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution, and purification. Its solutions include EZPuro, a compact robotic water purification and desalination system; water storage, transportation, and distribution solutions based on the company’s proprietary two-layer bladder technology; and EZCond, proprietary atmospheric water generator. The company’s products are aimed at markets such as emergency use, disaster relief, firefighting, remote water supply, military, home and outdoor, and others.

Email Jeremy if you are interested.