Angel Bakeries

Angel Bakeries is the largest in Israel, established in 1927. They produce 200 types of breads, rolls, challahs and pita breads.

This famous company is seeking to stocked their (frozen) breads, pastries and cakes in Australia through retail supermarkets and in bulk to bakeries and restaurants.

Angel Bakeries offers par-baked, frozen products in;

  • Standard breads (basic loaves and challah breads).
  • Whole-wheat breads, including light and reduced calorie breads, multigrain, rye and more.
  • Wide range of pita breads, rolls & buns (soft, whole-wheat rolls, low-calorie rolls, and more).
  • Pastries, both sweet and savoury (see attached).

All products are Kosher Certified.

They currently export to the USA, UK, France, Belgium and Denmark to retail chains and food service companies.


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