StarCom Systems – GPS Tracking

Starcom are seeking distributor/s partnership for their solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Starcom Systems is a leading global company, specialising in advanced automated real- time systems for remote tracking and management of vehicles, containers, assets and people.

Starcom offers real time tracking systems for fleet management and security applications of the vehicle and driver, containers monitoring, merchandise tracking and management, and a personal locator for the protection of individuals. All systems are characterized in strength, stability and continuous performance. Starcom Systems’ products are practical, easy- to- use, wireless solutions, consisting of unique software and an innovative hardware. Starcom’s GPS tracking systems allow the end users a real-time online tracking of their assets (mobile or fixed) anywhere, anytime.

With over 15 years of technological experience and expertise, Starcom Systems distributes and sells vehicle tracking devices and other solutions for containers, goods and people, through more than 110 partners and independent dealers, in over 50 countries around the world, with affiliated offices in Argentina (South America), Kenya (Africa) and UAE (Middle East). Starcom Systems is publically traded on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, conforming to the highest and most strict regulations in the market, proving its stability and reliability.

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