Israeli Navigation App ‘Sidekix’ Makes Exploring Cities Easier

Sidekix, an Israeli urban navigation app built for pedestrians, and customized to their interests, already works in more than 60 cities worldwide.

As reported in Israel21C:

The Israeli app Waze took the world by storm, making it easier for drivers across the world to bypass traffic and reach their destination quickly.

Now there’s Sidekix,  an Israeli navigation app geared to people walking in cities. The iOS app shows walkers the best on-foot routes, even orienting the map as you move so you always know which way is forward.

But it doesn’t necessarily show you the straightest line from Point A to Point B. The free app customizes your routes based on pre-programmed interests in the categories of art, culture, shopping, nightlife and food.

If you’ve indicated an interest in, say, museums, Sidekix will include nearby ones on the way to your destination, relying on recommendations from social media, lifestyle websites and local bloggers. If you don’t have a specific destination, it will create a walking route for you in a city based on your interests alone.

Maybe you need to get cash at an ATM. Sidekix will steer you there, too.

“Shopping spree, pub crawl, gallery hop? Sidekix chooses routes by what you want to see and do along the way. Get there with the only navigation app that offers walking routes based on interest, not just distance,” the website explains.

Want to meet up with friends as you walk? The app allows you to share your route with your contacts. If you’re walking solo in unknown territory or at night, you can ask a friend to monitor your progress remotely via the app so you can feel safer.

Currently available in more than 60 cities in the US, UK, Europe and Israel, Sidekix plans to expand into additional major cities around the globe. Four or five additional cities are rolled out each month. A future Android version is planned.

Founded by Jenny Drezin, Miron Perel and Eli Baram in Tel Aviv, Sidekix launched in 2015 and raised $1 million in investments.

Tourism is now Australia’s second-largest service export and both locals and visitors stand to benefit from Sidekix’s custom-designed routes if they are made available in Australia.

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