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P2W (Pollution to Water)

P2W is seeking to partner with companies in the Australian mining industry.

P2W provides advanced industrial waste water treatment systems for the mining industry, where it is responsible for several state-of-the-art patented solutions for the full destruction of cyanide, sulphates reduction etc.

Based on its core Electro-Coagulation technology, P2W develops, markets, sells and installs the most efficient, cost-effective & environmental-friendly wastewater treatment systems for Arsenic, Copper, Cadmium, Lead, Magnesium etc.

P2W is a pioneer with her Non-Chemicals technology within the water treatment industry, with a proven and fully operating technology today in Ghana, South-Africa, Russia etc.

In January 2016, The Minister of Environment, and Ghana’s EPA issued a Directive indicating P2W as the chosen company authorized to treat contaminated water in Ghana.

With three large scale waste water treatment plants in West Africa, P2W’s proprietary technology is characterized by the following:

  1. An electrochemical process with a proven low consumption of energy
  2. No chemicals added in the treatment process
  3. Capable of handling different contaminants simultaneously
  4. No membranes participate in the process – no by-product of brine
  5. Creates less sludge compared to other known technologies
  6. The water recovery ratio of the technology is 95% ratio (Negates the need of tailing dams and other storage facilities)
  7. No lime, chemicals or membranes participate in the removal of Sulphates or in the reduction of conductivity