Cognimine is seeking to partner with Australian mining companies (R&D/VC units) and investors in the mining industry. Cognimine is the developer of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for off-road vehicles. Technology and model Cognimine has developed mature autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for autonomous off-road driving. Cognimine’s technologies are successfully integrated todayContinue reading “Cognimine”


mPrest is seeking to partner with power utilities and companies in the Homeland Security market in Australia. mPrest is a leading provider of monitoring, control and analytical software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), HLS and defense sectors. Its product-based platform “connects the dots”across diverse standards and complex systems. Acting as a “system ofContinue reading “mPrest”


Fieldbit is seeking to partner with local utilities, mining companies, and manufacturers of industrial machinery in Australia. Fieldbit provides an enterprise grade, real-time platform that enables visual hands-free collaboration and information exchange among field service personnel, experts, customers and management using augmented reality and other technologies to industrial equipment manufacturers and enterprises using industrial machines.Continue reading “Fieldbit”

Atmosfir Optics

Atmosfir is seeking to connect with government agencies that set air monitoring standards, environmental consultancies and representatives from the chemical/petrochemical industries in Australia. Atmosfir is an innovative, advanced air monitoring technology company focused on providing clients with the best air monitoring solutions. Atmosfir is a technology-oriented company, with unique and valuable intellectual properties and yearsContinue reading “Atmosfir Optics”

P2W (Pollution to Water)

P2W is seeking to partner with companies in the Australian mining industry. P2W provides advanced industrial waste water treatment systems for the mining industry, where it is responsible for several state-of-the-art patented solutions for the full destruction of cyanide, sulphates reduction etc. Based on its core Electro-Coagulation technology, P2W develops, markets, sells and installs theContinue reading “P2W (Pollution to Water)”

Red Waves Systems Ltd

Red Waves Systemss are looking for a partner for the Australian market. They are  an international world wide company that makes smart solutions for integration projects. Red Waves systems Provide an end-to-end turnkey solution for any type of project and delivers value & Results. Red Waves systems Built a tailor-made plan for every project to assureContinue reading “Red Waves Systems Ltd”

NextNine Ltd

Nextnine are looking to be connected with Australian companies in the Resources industry. NextNine is a leader in Operational Technology (OT) security management software for industrial and critical infrastructure, markets that are vulnerable to cyber security attacks and are underserved by conventional enterprise IT solutions. Using NextNine you can have centralized OT security management forContinue reading “NextNine Ltd”

Duram Mask

Duram, a leading manufacturer of quality personal escape masks, providing advanced solutions to the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, defense and mine industry since 1989. Duram Masks provide maximum protection against smoke and toxic gases resulting from fire, chemicals or biological/chemical warfare agents.  Efficiently designed to be portable and easy to use, Duram masks provide immediateContinue reading “Duram Mask”


IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange-TASE: IMCO), a leading Israeli company, specializes in the development, design and production of mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical and electronic products, assemblies and sub-assembles for airborne, land and naval applications. LED Lights for mining, agriculture and construction From electrical harnesses and electromechanical devices to leading-edge LED lighting systems, the IMCOContinue reading “IMCO INDUSTRIES LTD”

Beth-El Industries

Beth-El Industries are recognized as a leading, premiere chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear, (CBRN) protection and filtration system designer/manufacturer and supply the highest caliber ISO 9001 Certified NBC protection systems against today’s asymmetric and conventional threats (protection systems against CBRN/NBC warfare) to 60 armies (many of them NATO countries). Beth-El has installed thousands of overContinue reading “Beth-El Industries”