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Mining Operations Solutions

Mining in Israel has historically not been a large-scale industry, aside from the ancient Timna valley mines that have been actively mined by humans since the era of King Solomon. However, Israel’s positioning as a center for advanced technology and innovation is well known worldwide, and is gradually being acknowledged by the mining industry as an excellent source of potential solutions. 

The global mining industry is currently grappling with several challenges that bring issues of economic efficiency and environmental sustainability to the fore. There is a focused debate on the need to shift modern mining to a more sustainable framework to be environmentally friendly. 

One of the new global trends in the mining industry is to move toward remote and autonomous mining. This includes remote vehicles that can be ‘driven’ from 100’s of miles away or even autonomous vehicles and equipment that can drive, operate, and ‘think’ for themselves. There is also a big push in the mining world today toward Command, Control, Communication, and Computer intelligence (4CI).

Although as mentioned above that Israel has no real mining industry it is in a position to solve some of the greatest challenges in this sector. This blog post features Israeli companies that are some of the largest System Integrators and provide cutting-edge innovative technologies that make mining operations efficient and environmentally sustainable. 


IOSight – IOSight is an innovator and a market leader in the field of infrastructure facility management. IOSight provides cost-effective, user-friendly BI/data management and reporting solutions for medium-to-large water and energy infrastructure facilities reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, saving energy, and delivering regulatory compliance.

Pzartech – Pzartech develops a visual recognition technology that enables users of complex mechanical equipment to quickly identify parts using image processing and deep learning. The company aims to enable maintenance operators to receive information regarding the mechanical parts they are working on using cameras from smartphones and tablets.


Cognimine – Cognimine is the developer of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence technology for off-road vehicles. Its new autonomous haulage system component for mines has been integrated into intelligent trucks to replace human drivers, improving mines’ productivity and safety. Cognimine’s solution enables fleets of large autonomous trucks with inner communication and management among all trucks. Cognimine also provides a full suite of mine-conversion features including technology assimilation, training, and post-deployment services.

Simlat – Simlat is a leading provider of innovative, next-generation training solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These training solution systems enable training for any platform, payload, and mission. Simlat’s systems provide an astounding UAS training experience that boosts performance and safety while dramatically decreasing risk and expenses.


Lingacom – Lingacom Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of scanners that can detect subatomic particles known as muons. The company supplies the entire platform, including the detectors and software. The technology is relevant to several industries and can be applied to object and material detection in vehicles, mapping for the mining industry, and detecting large geological objects. The muon is one of the most penetrative subatomic particles on earth. Lingacom’s technology offers a tomography that can detect a wide range of objects, from hidden cargo in trucks to underground formations. The company offers this radiation-free technology in detectors that can be paired with X-ray sensors.

Sightec – Sightec gives autonomous drones the ability to analyze and respond in real-time to what they see, enabling them to perform complex tasks. The company’s solution enables real-time vision processing through a set of algorithms that require minimal computational resources. The benefits of Sightec’s technology include autonomous detection and tracking, vision-based orientation and navigation, and real-time monitoring and inspection.


Coralogix – Coralogix helps companies manage their log data and provides them with automatic insights at the machine and component level. The company provides a solution that makes sense of millions of log file records by recording the logs and then distilling them into categories. The Coralogix product stores raw data on Elastic search for visualizing and querying. It creates few alerts, with a low rate of false positives. The software is offered as a service and can be found on AWS and Azure. Its pricing is based on the amount of data sent to Coralogix by customers.

NooBaa – NooBaa brings a new architectural approach to customers with large-scale data storage challenges. NooBaa’s product is a software-based scalable-storage solution that is being described as “frictionless”. This frictionless experience also applies to the ongoing management of the archive, where the ability to automatically accommodate any host and media technology eliminates lock-in and technology risk. NooBaa’s innovation lies in the use of advanced metadata and machine-learning technologies, which are used to orchestrate data placement across resources to optimize for resilience, performance, security, and economics while reducing administrative complexity. NooBaa also supports the use of cloud resources as well as on-premise resources for true hybrid support.

Mining operations keep on getting complicated as well as regulations and demand for care of the environment hence new technologies are constantly been sought out to solve the problems modern mining operations pose.

Business Opportunities Latest News Israel Mining, Mineral & Oil News Top Stories

Israeli Technologies Making Mining Safe for Workforce, Nature, and the Environment

Mining is the process of extracting buried material below the earth’s surface. During the past few decades, while extracting, the Mining companies worldwide have faced an increased number of challenges. The Israeli Mining companies had foreseen the need to shift existing Mining techniques to a more sustainable framework that needs to be friendly to the Workforce, Nature as well as Surrounding Environment.

Although Israel has no real mines it is trying to solve some of the greatest challenges being faced by the mining sector in various countries. Israel’s current position as a center for innovative technology is well known worldwide and is being acknowledged by the mining industry. Israel also has a long and successful track record of commercialization from the formation of IP (Intellectual property), through to establishing a start-up and then onto a flourishing mature profitable company in different sectors including mining.

The trend of the Israeli mining industry is heading towards remote and autonomous mining. This includes remote vehicles that can be driven from miles away or even autonomous vehicles that drive, think, and respond for themselves. There is a big push in the Mining world today towards Command, Control, Communication, and Computer intelligence, which are key to improvements in this sector.

In Israel, we have companies that are some of the biggest System Integrators and are operational worldwide. Some smaller companies have a niche market and offer innovative solutions to the Mining Industry. The companies specialize in Sensors, Hyperspectral Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Data Integration, Safety of the Workforce, Nature, and Environment.

Some of the companies are:


Ception is a multi-layered system for precise localization and mapping. By harnessing advanced computer vision and deep-learning algorithms, Ception enables new capabilities in industrial and automotive applications such as advanced navigation, advanced driver-assistance systems, planning and monitoring, augmented reality, and autonomous vehicles.


RodRadar develops sensing solutions for the construction industry, with a focus on safety and efficiency. The company’s solutions are capable of detecting obstacles in challenging environments and conditions.


SolAround has developed a technology and process for fabricating high-power/high-efficiency bifacial solar cells. The company also specializes in the optimization of bifacial modules and systems to reduce energy costs (LCOE) while contributing to the protection of the environment. The proprietary p-type PERT bifacial solar cell technology can increase the energy yield of solar systems by up to 20% to 40% relative to mainstream cell technologies, at nearly the cost of a standard system. SolAround cells’ front efficiency of over 22% and bifaciality of over 90% allow 60-cell module front power of 310 Wp and bifacial power of up to 400 Wp equivalent. The cells are suitable for commercial and private apartments, white rooftops, utility-scale ground installations, BIPV, solar sound barriers, carports, facades, and green buildings. SolAround has already produced, certified, and launched similar high-power, high-end bifacial cells and modules in fully industrial lines in Germany.

Solar Drone

Solar Drone is a pioneer and world leader in developing “Drone in a Box” systems, based on advanced technologies such as Image Generation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Real-Time Analysis and Alerts, Cloud and more, that increase PV, operational and asset efficiency and reduce costs. 

Eurotech Communication

Eurotech is a leader in communication solutions for the mining industry, designing end-to-end solutions that interconnect distributed smart objects and move valuable data between machines.

Razor Labs

Razor Labs uses deep learning to make machinery smarter, for more efficient operations, and to enable predictive maintenance to be done – this artificial intelligence (AI) technology can often predict machine failures weeks in advance.

RDV Systems

RDV Systems specializes in visualization technologies and services for infrastructure professionals. RDV’s visualization model development technologies focus on making fully interactive 3D virtual models that show proposed design alternatives superimposed on surrounding existing conditions. RDV’s model usage technologies focus on making these models available to project team members, enabling them to integrate visualization directly into their project workflow. RDV models are used for design review, public involvement, stakeholder outreach, interagency coordination, public education, selection of alternatives, and construction coordination. The company’s applications provide web-hosted interactive viewing and navigation of the RDV models, require no software installation, and can be used on any computer with internet access.


IntSite develops autonomous cranes for construction sites. With its IoT device and machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing technologies, the company’s solution can increase cranes’ productivity and reduce costs.


Datumate develops digital solutions for the civil engineering processes used in the construction, surveying, and infrastructure inspection markets, offering fully automated, high-precision, and cost-effective solutions designed to keep field crews safe. The company has computer vision, big data analytics, machine learning, and drone and camera technologies that reduce the amount of time surveying crews spend in the field, speed construction progress, and shorten infrastructure inspection duration while maintaining survey-grade accuracy.

For more information about the mining companies from Israel please feel free to contact us

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gorillaLink is a plug and play PaaS solution that seamlessly enables connectivity of smart devices across multiple satellite networks providing 100% global coverage.

We want to re-define the way industries seamlessly utilise their communication devices in a smart and unprecedented way, that allows them to be more efficient and cost effective.

Easy to integrate edge to cloud via satellite connectivity solution. Billing, link management and on boarding process in a single Platform as a Service. 

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EZPack Water – Water Storage, Distribution, and Purification Solutions

EZPack Water develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution, and purification. Its solutions include EZPuro, a compact robotic water purification and desalination system; water storage, transportation, and distribution solutions based on the company’s proprietary two-layer bladder technology; and EZCond, proprietary atmospheric water generator. The company’s products are aimed at markets such as emergency use, disaster relief, firefighting, remote water supply, military, home and outdoor, and others.

Email Jeremy if you are interested.

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Clairion – Industrial Pollutant Removal Solutions

Clairion is a cleantech startup specializing in innovative solutions for the removal of pollutants from industrial flue gas streams using novel patented technology developed by experts in green chemistry.

The company’s solutions include C-HgR for removing mercury (Hg), and C-MPR, a multiple-pollutant removal solution for removing NOx, SOx, Hg, and other pollutants and transforming them into useful products. Both solutions utilize novel liquid-based absorption and separation processes.

Clairion’s absorbing liquid is implemented in a wet scrubber in which the liquid comes in contact with the flue gas. Pollutants are simultaneously separated from the gas and absorbed by the liquid. In a parallel selective separation process, the pollutants are then extracted for use as products with commercial value and the liquid is fully regenerated and reused.

Clairion’s technology is scalable and therefore applicable to a variety of industries, plants, and processes. Its solutions offer high removal efficiency for regulatory compliance in a smaller footprint while providing usable product instead of waste streams, with overall cost reductions of up to 30% or more.

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Cognimine is seeking to partner with Australian mining companies (R&D/VC units) and investors in the mining industry. Cognimine is the developer of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for off-road vehicles.

Technology and model

Cognimine has developed mature autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for autonomous off-road driving. Cognimine’s technologies are successfully integrated today with off-road vehicles.

Cognimine has the technological component for transforming a mine to Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) facilitating intelligent autonomous trucks that replace human drivers and improves utilization. Upgrading the mines’ trucks’ fleet with our technology can contribute dozens of millions USD to the mines’ P&L every year.

Cognimine offers services and technology for developing the next autonomous truck generation as well as retrofitting existing trucks with a full suite of mine conversion, technology assimilation, training, and post-deployment services.

Seeking partnerships with:

In the next stage, Cognimine seeks to implement the system in a truck prototype. They are looking for a first-round investment of USD 1.5 million for setting up the truck prototype or for a client order where providing the first truck prototype will be the first milestone in the deal.

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mPrest is seeking to partner with power utilities and companies in the Homeland Security market in Australia.

mPrest is a leading provider of monitoring, control and analytical software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), HLS and defense sectors. Its product-based platform “connects the dots”across diverse standards and complex systems. Acting as a “system of systems”, the automated platform fully integrates Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), delivering an unprecedented situational awareness, together with real-time incident response.

mPrest’s technology is a ‘system of systems’ that can easily integrate data from a very wide range of disparate devices and be adapted to different requirements.

mPrest nurtures strategic partnerships with systems integrators and organizations worldwide, enabling them to optimize their operations by improving system performance, expediting project deployment, and reducing total cost of ownership and risk. Flagship projects include the world-renowned “Iron Dome” Missile Defense System and the first of its kind Asset Health Management System for predicting electrical transformer health.

The company is active in the following global Homeland security (HLS) markets:

  • National centers, critical infrastructure, Smart and Safe cities, Hospitals, Ports, Prisons, Airports and more.
  • Critical facility security protection
  • Telecommunications operators
  • Power and water utilities:

For Distribution Power Utilities mPrest is offering its field proven, state-of-the-art DERMS application (Distributed Energy Resources Management System) as part of a new Demand Side Grid Management capabilities :please refer to Vector DERMS Press Release)

For Generation and Transmission Power Utilities, mPrest is offering its comprehensive Asset Health Management System  that is providing real-time monitoring, powerful analytics and most accurate predictions and alerts regarding critical assets condition (for more information please refer to New York Power Authority Case-Study)

mPrest shareholders:  Rafael Advanced Defense and GE  ( General Electric)Ventures. Vector Limited.

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Fieldbit is seeking to partner with local utilities, mining companies, and manufacturers of industrial machinery in Australia.

Fieldbit provides an enterprise grade, real-time platform that enables visual hands-free collaboration and information exchange among field service personnel, experts, customers and management using augmented reality and other technologies to industrial equipment manufacturers and enterprises using industrial machines.

By wearing Fieldbit-enabled smart glasses, engineers and technicians can have instant access to all of the information they need, right before their eyes.

Advantages include faster problem diagnosis, reduced equipment downtime, and expedited training of new technicians.

To see how the technology works, watch this 90-second video.

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Atmosfir Optics

Atmosfir is seeking to connect with government agencies that set air monitoring standards, environmental consultancies and representatives from the chemical/petrochemical industries in Australia.

Atmosfir is an innovative, advanced air monitoring technology company focused on providing clients with the best air monitoring solutions. Atmosfir is a technology-oriented company, with unique and valuable intellectual properties and years of in-the-field experience. For over fifteen years, its experts have been actively involved in the development of US EPA test methods and have been involved in designing and implementing a wide range of Optical Remote Sensing measurement projects.

Atmosfir Optics provides a complete, fully automated, and reliable fence-line monitoring system. Atmosfir’s data analysis and management algorithms yield extremely versatile, sensitive, and cost-effective fence-line technology:  The D-fenceline monitoring and air quality management system.

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P2W (Pollution to Water)

P2W is seeking to partner with companies in the Australian mining industry.

P2W provides advanced industrial waste water treatment systems for the mining industry, where it is responsible for several state-of-the-art patented solutions for the full destruction of cyanide, sulphates reduction etc.

Based on its core Electro-Coagulation technology, P2W develops, markets, sells and installs the most efficient, cost-effective & environmental-friendly wastewater treatment systems for Arsenic, Copper, Cadmium, Lead, Magnesium etc.

P2W is a pioneer with her Non-Chemicals technology within the water treatment industry, with a proven and fully operating technology today in Ghana, South-Africa, Russia etc.

In January 2016, The Minister of Environment, and Ghana’s EPA issued a Directive indicating P2W as the chosen company authorized to treat contaminated water in Ghana.

With three large scale waste water treatment plants in West Africa, P2W’s proprietary technology is characterized by the following:

  1. An electrochemical process with a proven low consumption of energy
  2. No chemicals added in the treatment process
  3. Capable of handling different contaminants simultaneously
  4. No membranes participate in the process – no by-product of brine
  5. Creates less sludge compared to other known technologies
  6. The water recovery ratio of the technology is 95% ratio (Negates the need of tailing dams and other storage facilities)
  7. No lime, chemicals or membranes participate in the removal of Sulphates or in the reduction of conductivity