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MedAware Saves Lives By Cutting Prescription Errors

A Harvard study analysed records from almost 800,000 patients in order to assess the efficacy of MedAware’s algorithm.

As reported in Globes

A study by Harvard Medical school has found that the algorithms developed by Israeli startup MedAware have provided a comprehensive validation of MedAware’s software, designed to eliminate prescription errors.

Founded in 2012, the company’s investors include OurCrowd, BIRD, MassChallenge, IBM Alpha Zone and others.

The findings, published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) revealed that MedAware’s technology establishes a new standard for prescription alerts and patient safety vis-à-vis traditional rule-based systems. These out-dated solutions, can only detect a fraction of the actual errors, only those that they were pre-set to identify, and these solutions are not built to identify random or complex errors.

Moreover, since current CDS systems are not patient-specific and not self-adaptive, they suffer from high false alarm rates, directly contributing to a phenomenon known as “alert fatigue”, where physicians simply learn to disregard alerts.

The report found that MedAware’s technology both identifies errors otherwise undetected and minimizes challenges associated with provider alert fatigue, and thus could reduce prescription errors with high accuracy, reducing medical costs and saving lives.

Medication errors are the second-most commonly reported incident after falls in Australian hospitals, and cost the healthcare system $680 million every year.