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Educational Games Co CodeMonkey Raises $1.5M

The Israeli company has developed a game-based learning platform for teaching children code.

Israeli educational games company CodeMonkey has closed $1.5 million in seed funding. The startup has developed a game-based learning platform for teaching children code. These funds will be used to expand CodeMonkey’s research, development, sales and marketing teams.

J21 Corporation led the current funding round alongside Invictus Capital from Singapore. China-Israel Education VC Fund and Japanese holding company Edulab also entered the strategic partnership. As part of this partnership, Edulab announced the integration of CodeMonkey into its STEM resources portfolio in China and will expand the CodeMonkey platform to reach 30,000 elementary school students.

CodeMonkey is a game-based-learning platform that enables students eight years and older to learn the fundamental principles of computer programming. In the game, players help a monkey collect bananas by writing code. Meanwhile, an AI engine simultaneously runs in the background and analyzes the players’ actions in order to deliver personal feedback, hints and instructions accordingly.

CodeMonkey is an ideal resource for Australian primary schools that are interested in incorporating computer programming into their syllabus. CodeMonkey is designed as a classroom resource and does not require teachers or students to have prior knowledge and experience.