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Airobotics Authorised To Operate Pilotless, Autonomous Drones in World First

The Israel Civil Aviation Authority granted the permit in the past few days.

As reported in Globes:

Airobotics today reported that it had received a permit to operate in Israel automated drones without a human operator and without eye contact with the drone. The company said that in the past few days, the Israel Civil Aviation Authority had granted the permit for missions of protection and security for industrial facilities in which the drones can be operated from within special command and control rooms.

The system developed by Airobotics is likely to save personnel costs, training for teams in operating the drones, and so on. The computer-based system works according to the varying needs of the party operating it.

Airobotics cofounder and CEO Ran Krauss said today, “The company has completed a long process that began in 2013. The approval obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority is a milestone for us. We expect this milestone to revolutionize the global market and pave the way for future automated drone applications.”

Airobotics’ system is composed of a large drone capable of carrying special sensors or a camera up to one kilogram in weight, and is capable of operating for 30 minutes. The automatic anchoring station on which the drone lands and recharges itself, combined with the software, makes it possible to manage the drone’s tasks according to the needs of the group operating it.

Airobotics’ customers include Australian mining company South 32, as well as Israel Chemicals and US chip-maker Intel. Airobotics’ Head of Development, Yahel Nov, has identified the Australian mining industry as a key market for the company’s autonomous drones.

Airobotics already has a commercial drone license from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority.