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Extracting Water From Air, Israeli Company Water-Gen Has A Novel Solution for Australia

Water-Gen, an Israeli company whose technology captures humidity in order to make drinking water out of air, is not likely to experience the cash-flow squeeze that afflicts many fast-growing companies.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned it in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” about Israel’s high-tech prowess. At the AIPAC conference last month, Harvard Law professor and Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz took the stage to showcase its technology. In September, the company presented its solution at the United Nations.

“Whatever it needs, we will finance,” said Maxim Pasik, the executive chairman of Water-Gen ,when asked about financing options for the firm’s growth. “Water-Gen’s potential is endless. Water from air is the next source of water for the world.”

The technology, developed by Arye Kohavi with the help of engineers, uses a series of filters to purify the air. After the air is sucked in and chilled to extract its humidity, the water that forms is treated and transformed into clean drinking water. The technology uses a plastic heat exchanger rather than an aluminum one, which helps reduce costs; it also includes a proprietary software that operates the devices.

The atmospheric water generators developed by Water-Gen allow the production of 4 liters of drinking water (one gallon) using 1 Kilowatt of energy, Pasik said.

Water-Gen’s technology is particularly applicable to Australia, where water scarcity is a recurring concern for farming and remote communities.

In February, Water-Gen visited Australia as part of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Business Delegation. The company is already in discussions with an indigenous community in Australia.

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