Israeli Startup Seeks To Replace Antibiotics

BiomX is planning future treatments for Crohn’s Disease, colitis, and even cancer.

As reported in Globes:

Israeli startup BiomX, which is developing a treatment that selectively kills specific bacteria, last week completed a $24 million financing round. The company was founded in 2015 on the basis of research by two Weizmann Institute scientists: Dr. Eran Elinav, a specialist in microbiome – the mix of bacteria in the human body (he is also known from DayTwo, which developed an app for nutritional consultation according to a person’s individual composition of bacteria), and Professor Rotem Sorek, an expert in genetic engineering and bacterial genetics. The third founder is MIT Professor Timothy K. Lu, who specializes in genetic engineering of anti-bacterial viruses.

BiomX is developing drugs based on phages – special viruses aimed against specific bacteria, in contrast to conventional antibiotics, which kill all bacteria, including good bacteria, and which make other bad bacteria, which they are not aimed at, resistant to them.

In principle, the company’s products can replace antibiotics, with their general effect on bacteria, with a more selective treatment for any condition currently treated through antibiotics. In the future, they could also be suitable for other diseases in which manipulation of the body’s bacterial population is likely to change the course of the disease. Medical research has been discovering more and more such conditions in recent years.

The company’s first products are designed for treatment of acne and H. pylori bacteria. In the future, BiomX plans to develop products for treatment of inflammatory intestinal diseases (colitis and Crohn’s Disease), and for prevention and treatment of cancer.

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