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‘X-Ray’ Vision: Vayyar’s 3D Sensor Can See Through Any Surface

Vayyar has developed sensors that can detect and visually display – in three dimensions – what lies on the other side of any surface. From detecting breast cancer cells through the skin, to finding people on search and rescue missions – this technology can change the way we interact with the world, and save lives.

As reported in NoCamels:

Designed to see through materials, objects and even liquids, Vayyar’s sensors look through known barriers to deliver 3D images. Its technology can see through skin and tissue to detect cancer masses, look through walls and create a 3D image of hidden structural foundations; or, it can be used to create a smart home that tracks the location of persons needing care, as well as their vital signs as they move around the house.

Its 3D sensors rely on antennae that are constantly sending out radio frequency signals to create a 3D map of the environment. The signals travel through objects, detecting their location, size, movement, and makeup.

Granted, radio frequency sensors have been around for a while; but Vayyar’s advantage comes from the quantity of antennae that can transmit and receive many signals at once, and the strength of the algorithms used to interpret the data. The startup packed these antennae into a compact, inexpensive system – which would be priced at a fraction of the cost of an MRI system – giving Vayyar an edge over other, more expensive and unwieldy technologies.

Their sensor could revolutionize the way illnesses such as breast cancer are detected. In contrast to MRI, x-ray, and ultrasound machines, which generally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are confined to specific screening locations, Vayyar’s sensors are small and cheap, and the breast cancer screening device they are developing could be used in general practitioners’ offices.

Initially, Vayyar worked only with other businesses, selling them sensors and developing products such as the breast cancer screening device. In April last year, the company entered the consumer market with Walabot DIY. The device uses Vayyar’s sensors to detect and display the location, size, and material of objects on the other side of walls, making it useful for builders and DIY home renovators.

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