How Israel’s Pruvo Can Save You Money On Your Next Holiday

Israeli startup Pruvo is a smart hotel booking site that finds travellers the lowest price possible for hotel rooms worldwide… allowing them to save money even after they have made the booking.  

Have you ever booked a hotel room, only to find the price dropped a few days later? Hotel prices can go down in cases of low occupancy and according to Pruvo, there is a 40 percent chance of a price reduction after a booking has been made.

Using a special algorithm that scans room rates at the hotel that you made the booking, Pruvo alerts you to cheaper rates at the same hotel for the exact same rooms and length of stay.

How does it work? You send a copy of your booking confirmation to Pruvo by email – and if the price drops, you will be notified and can place the order again while cancelling the previous booking. The entire process does not require registration or credit information – and travellers can potentially save tens and hundreds of dollars in the price of accommodation.

According to the business model, the site receives a commission from the main suppliers of the hotels where reservations are usually made, such as or Expedia.

Australians are well known for their love of travelling. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly 60 percent of short-term departures by Australian residents in 2016 was for holiday/leisure reasons.

Why not trial Pruvo’s money-saving solution for your next holiday?

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