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Waze For ‘Android Auto’ Will Be Built Into Millions Of Cars For Navigation On Dashboard

Driving just got easier, with the launch of Waze for Android Auto. The Israeli mobile navigation app, which provides real-time traffic updates and live maps, is now built into Google’s smart, in-car Android-based infotainment systems.

From NoCamels:

As a result of this integration, the Waze app has been modified to optimize ease-of-use in a vehicle setting. To maximize simplicity and minimize distraction, the user interface features large fonts for icons and menus, along with minimal steps and options, so as to not create a distraction for the driver.

Jens Baron, director of Waze‘s product development, says the platform provides real-time navigation, accident and hazard alerts, but instead of getting those on your small-screen smartphone, the platform is now tweaked for the larger in-car screen.

Android-based cars with Waze built in are already available for purchase. According to Baron, there are more than 100 car brands that have Waze in their systems. “Some of these car brands will put it in every vehicle, like General Motors,” he tells NoCamels. For example, every Chevy has Android Auto.

Waze is not the only Israeli company providing technologies for the cars of the future; Israel is bursting with smart car innovation. Aside from navigation apps such as Moovit and Waze, the realm of safety and autonomous cars is rapidly developing thanks to Israeli companies like Mobileye (which was recently bought for $15 billion by Intel) and Nexar, an app that turns your smartphone into an intelligent dashboard camera to avoid car accidents.

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